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Topic: Kip ( Bardstown) help!

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    Kip ( Bardstown) help!

    Just got the new Bardstown Audio CD \"Bosendorfer\" in giga format

    used HALions wonderful giga import feature. Piano comes in with all the samples but it never saves!

    when I quit HALion and restart it the program is gone. and in the folder that halion created there is no file to open

    when I import the program i have save as halion instrument checked and I am doing this exactley as i have done other giga imports but it just does not save an instrument file.

    Every time i want to use it I have to re import the whole thing

    By the way this is on a mac


    PS I have been playing this piano on my giga machine and it really sounds like a real piano. some of the strings buzz and some are more dead that others and a couple of the notes have a clank or two and when i hear it in a mix it just sits and grooves!

    remember Remmington the painter? he used to paint his horses sometimes with part of an ear missing or scars. but that was what made you feel like you were looking at areal horse.

    same thing here... this piano just sounds real. and thats real cool


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    Re: Kip ( Bardstown) help!

    Hello Wade,

    I am very happy that you really like this piano and are enjoying it!

    I have HALion on a PC, but not on any of my Mac\'s. I have every other program on my Mac\'s, including Logic, EXS24, Pro Tools, DP3, BIAS Peak, etc., but not HALion.

    I will check with my friends at Steinberg tomorrow and see what they have to say about this, and I will let you know.

    I very much appreciate you business!

    Bardstown Audio

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