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Topic: Omni: Running on muliple computers?

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    Omni: Running on muliple computers?

    Hey all,

    I'm trying to run Omnisphere on 2 pcs linked using fx teleport. I have installed Omni on both PCs, with the sound libraries on both.

    This seemed fine until I started saving custom multis and realised I'd have to keep copying patches between machines to ensure I have my saved multis on both machines.

    I could point both Omnis to 1 sound library on 1 PC and use that, but I thought that with multiple Omnis running, having them point to different hard drives would improve performance. Am I right here?

    If I am, is there an automatic way of synchronising both STEAM directories or would this risk messing up Omni's browser?

    If anyone has any insights on this topic please post. Cheers,


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    Re: Omni: Running on muliple computers?

    I've already done similar for the sake of back up using .bat files.
    xcopy /s /D /Y \\A64\e\omnisp~1\steam\omnisp~1\settin~1\multis\us er\sk_mul~1\*.* \\nf7s\i\omnisp~1\a64\multis\user\sk_mul~1\
    xcopy /s /D /Y \\A64\e\omnisp~1\steam\omnisp~1\settin~1\patches\u ser\sk_mods\*.* \\nf7s\i\omnisp~1\a64\patches\user\sk_mods\

    The spaces in u ser and us er were caused by the forum.
    Those should be user in both instances.

    You could easily do it from one to the other if you understand DOS a bit.
    If not, then let me know and I'll help you out.


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    Re: Omni: Running on muliple computers?

    You'll just need to be careful to refresh your multi browser in each instance after saving a multi from any instance.

    - Glenn

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