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Topic: To mute or not to mute

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    To mute or not to mute

    Hi All,

    Received GPO, and it is really great. Performance on my system is quite good. Thanks to Gary for the sale! I am in the process of changing over music I have to use GPO and have run into a minor issue.

    I am running PT 7.1.1 and have one instance of GPO with a variety of midi channels mapped to different tracks. In the Kontakt player it seems as though you cannot have multiple solos(the solo button activated) active on more than one instrument or channel? Is the solution to mute and leave the instrument of interest active? I think this works but seems like the long way around. Any ideas?


    Stuff I need to convert to GPO:

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    Re: To mute or not to mute

    Hi, Rick

    That's interesting. I've never tried to solo tracks/instruments inside KP2 itself. I always do that in Sonar, my DAW. Why aren't you using the muting functions in Pro Tools, since you must be routing the individual audio tracks of KP2 into your app?

    Randy B.

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    Re: To mute or not to mute

    Hi Randy B,

    Thanks for the response. Maybe my approach is a bit off mark...

    track 1 (the GPO plugin instantiated), track 1 listens to midi ch 1
    track 2 listens to the GPO plugin instruments on track 1 assigned to midi ch 2
    track 3 listens to the GPO plugin instruments on track 1 assigned to midi ch 3

    If I mute the track itself (1,2 or 3) all sounds stop on all tracks, which is why I went to the approach of muting in the plugin.

    I went with this approach to minimize the number of GPO plugins instantiated.

    This is certainly not the end of the world for me. I was just curious if I missed something somewhere.

    I took a peek at your musical, neato!

    Many thanks,

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    Re: To mute or not to mute

    Hello again, AudioUnity

    OK, I think I see - I'm not sure if when you described what you're doing in your new post, if you're referring to track channels in the Kontakt Player or in Pro Tools. But either way, your error is having instruments which are on different MIDI channels on the same audio channel. Naturally all instruments on a given track are being muted when you mute that channel.

    You gotta get your individual instruments, each on its own MIDI channel, also on individual audio tracks.

    You can do that in KP2 by clicking on the channel info for each instrument and changing it to the fader you want. By default, all instruments show up on the first stereo pair, which is a default some people need at times, but is generally not a good way to work since it forces the same panning and effects to your entire band.

    SO - By way of example: I load the instruments I want in KP2, making sure each instrument is not only on its own MIDI channel but also on its own fader.

    Then in Sonar, I have matching audio tracks which are assigned to all the audio outs from KP2. Now I have complete control over what happens with each instrument, including individual muting if that's something I need while working on a project.


    Randy B.

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    Re: To mute or not to mute

    Thanks Randy, I'll poke around a bit and see where I land. Thanks again.


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