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Topic: Cubano Con Queso

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    Cubano Con Queso

    (1/07/08) EDIT: Hopefully less screwy link:


    Just thought I'd throw one up here. I'm enjoying hearing what everybody else is working on, so thought I'd contribute. Haven't seen any salsa-style stuff on here - so here goes nuthin'.

    The drums and percussion are from the Motif Rack ES. Drum Kit is Session Drummer from Sonar7. Bass, Horns and Piano are GJBB. Mixed in Sonar. Been using a Korg PadKontrol to manipulate the mod and pitch. Still in the process of getting good at it. Well, anyway...

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Hi, I've tried with two different browsers to listen to your piece. No luck so far. I get a page with the reverbnation player, but nothing ever loads in it.
    I also tried to download, no luck. I will check back again and hope it will work for me. John

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Same for me

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Boy, that's cool stuff. I wish I could get away from all this snow and head down to Havana.

    My daughter has been there twice. She even saw Castro from up close at a conference in Havana and hung out with a famous Cuban doctor who was friends with Che Guevara and the subject of Cuban movie. I'm a conservative myself but it was fun for her.

    It makes you want to dance. Oh yea!

    I liked the break.


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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Thanks for the new link. I enjoyed listening to quite a few of your pieces.
    Cubano Con Queso is a pretty strong rendering, it really sounds great. You are getting some good results with the tools you are using. The drums have sounded real good on all the tracks I have heard so far. Besides "CCQ", I like "Sunset" and "Evening on 83rd". The little combo sounds good on Sunset.
    Wow, thanks for sharing these here. I like what you are doing! John

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Yeah! Cool and hot at the same time, TC!

    This was very, very well done, throughout -- well
    rendered, well arranged, and a great listen.

    Much enjoyed!

    All the best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Hey everybody--

    Thanx for the kind words. Glad you guys liked it, and some of the other ones as well. I've been kinda going through the old stuff and redoing it, since most of it was done originally in that really computer-y General Midi way. Evening on 83rd is a lot newer. This Garritan program has been really great and really addictive. Nothing can really substitute for real players, but GJBB comes really close.
    I've always fantasized about going to Cuba and studying percussion with a master player. There's some kind of like an exchange program for that, but I've never had the money. I've tried to learn from books. I love the Latin music. These computer renderings are very well served by a lot of attention on the realism of the drum parts, I've always thought, so I try not to give them short shrift.
    David - I am digging what you do, too. That kind of music has always fascinated me, and yours is really beautiful and open and inevitable in an odd way. I've taken some potshots at writing like that, but my mind just doesn't work like that. I just can't get my pieces to flow the way yours do. Oh, crap - I'm re-writing War and Peace here. Anyway, thanks again, guys. Appreciate the ears and the feedback.


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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    Hey there, Grebnar!

    Thank you so much for sharing the great music! Excellent recordings - I love the smoky, laid-back break in "Cubano Con Queso," and of course the cookin' main sections also.

    You can edit posts on the Forum here--I suggest you go back to your original post and replace that link. Since that link is a dud, I almost gave up, but happened to look down the thread and noticed you'd put up an improved link. It gave me some problems too, Firefox preventing pop-ups, and not because of ad content it said. Hummm. But it's a very heavily laden site - It'd be great if you had your music up at an easier to use, less gimmicky site.

    Great stuff you're putting out--I really appreciate you posting it here!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    That's very strong writing and production, thanks for posting, I enjoyed it immensely. ¡Hay qué chévere! Owen

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    Re: Cubano Con Queso

    That was HOT!
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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