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Topic: My Hawaii

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    My Hawaii

    Man, it's snowing again. I wish I could go to Hawaii for a week but I can only dream.

    But wait!

    The Rascals had an album called Once Upon A Dream that came out in 1968. One song from it was called My Hawaii. I wore out that album.


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    Re: My Hawaii

    Well now, that was a fun You Tube to watch on this winter day, Phil. I sympathize with wanting to be in Hawaii right now instead of in the middle of this harsh northwest weather.

    Get this though - child of the '60's as I am, I somehow had managed to never hear "My Hawaii" before--?! So thanks for the intro to it. Surprisingly cornball stuff for the era, fun.

    Randy B.

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    Re: My Hawaii

    *basks in the sunlight*

    Snow? What's snow?

    Yeah, I'm one of the lucky ones. Been on the island all my life. Buahaha... Only thing is... WE DON'T HAVE A TARGET. Have to stick to that Wal-mart... They finally planned to build it here, and we just got Best Buy and IHOP. xD You'd be surprised how annoying it is without these common mainland stores. Yes, I know, I know. Not having a Target may not be as bad as that icky cold weather. Honestly, I can't stand anything under 50 degrees Fahrenheit whatsoever.

    I love this songgg~. My dad -- one of Hawaii's musicians -- actually did this song. It's on YouTube actually... Here's the link.

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