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Topic: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin's

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    Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    How does Dan Dean\'s Brass compare to Martin\'s?? Can it sound big?? Maartin\'s isn\'t perfect (yet!) but it\'s a lot closer to what I think has been missing- capturing the room and the natural resonance of a trumpet as opposed to just that close mic bite. Any thoughts on using Dan Dean in a more epic orchestral context would be appreciated. What else is on the horizon for orchestral brass?



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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    Dean Brass is excellent but way too dry. Maarten has got it right in his Sampling Manifesto. I love the Free Trumpets. Now he\'s just doing French Horns!. Why not do all 3 Brass groups? Bones, Horns, Trumpets? In the meantime for Orchestral Brass I use Vitous Bones & Horns. Lets hope Dan\'s new Brass Ensembles are more evolved. I am sorry but mod wheel cross fading works just fine for me.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    I completely disagree that Dan\'s Brass is too dry. If you are working with an overall reverb on your music (as most of us do) Dan\'s Brass works great. I posted some examples a while back--maybe I can post them again.

    Dan\'s brass also works particularly well when you layer it in with brass ensembles.

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    Dan dean\'s library is \"solo\" while Martijn\'s is ensemble. I find that both work well together.....to a point. Since DD is close mic\'d its triple F samples are too \"sizzly\" for Martijn\'s and there isn\'t enough ambience. However in the P to MF range DD helps Martijn\'s samples out VERY much. The SAM samples are really well done (especially for free), DD has a uniform sound througout, which can help when composing.

    DD is a different sample library and I think DD BE will be different as well. I have no doubtg that I will pick up Martijn\'s Horn library and most likely DD Brass library. Both of these guys have different approaches that have different \"plus factors\".

    now if I ever release a 20 disc CD library of brass LOOOOK OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    yah that will happen

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    Garritan Orchestral Brass!

    Coming soon

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Francis Belardino:
    Garritan Orchestral Brass!

    Coming soon

    Really!, this is no joke?


    [This message has been edited by Ewen (edited 01-25-2002).]

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s


    Coming Soon would be Dan Dean Brass Ensembles. Which will more than likely be really nice.

    Coming later would be Garritan Orchestral Brass. Gary\'s announced that its in the works, but knowing Gary\'s strive for \"perfectness\" it wont be very \"soon\". A bummer Remember Solo Strings is on its way too.

    Also remember, somewhere inbetween will be Maarten\'s/SAM French Horns, which I\'m also excited to hear. Especially after the test Trumpets.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    I\'m curious: How many brass and string ensemble libraries can the market support? I\'d love to see and own about four or five different libraries for each family, but I don\'t see how that would be economically feasible for competing developers, to say nothing of the impact it would have on my bank account (sorry kids, but we\'re skipping dinner tonight so daddy can save up for his third string library). Would it make better economic sense for one developer to focus on a Hollywood brass sound, while another works on a Mahleresque sound (e.g., 8 unison horns), while still another attempts to capture the Wagnerian sound (a la the Ring)? Or is the real cash cow that big Hollywood sound I keep reading about here?

    Just thinking out loud!


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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    The cash cow is the hollywood sound. Most aspiring film composers use Samplers to do their work. And some top name composers use them for their work

    Many people that do classical work strive to get real orchestras to do their work

    Of course the REAL cash cow is the library that will do both

    I think in the end its about picking what you\'re going to need/use the most.

    I\'ll probably in the end pick up a few libraries of each. Its part of my work tho. Options is the key. Being stuck with one sound isn\'t really what I want.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Brass vs. Maartin\'s

    I heard the Dan Dean Ensembles at NAMM and they rock! His trombones sound like Hanz Zimmers library, only cleaner and probably better since it is created with Giga in mind. He has 8 velocity levels and will be able to crossfade crecendo them like the GOS strings expressive. However, when Garriton does the brass & winds, he will probably stomp all the existing competition.

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