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Topic: Singing the praises of BelaDMedia

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    Singing the praises of BelaDMedia

    Just thought I'd post to say how great I think BelaDMedia are - not that that will come as news to most! I can't be too specific, but Francis and his team have been extremely generous towards me over the last few days, and deserve some forum kudos!

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    Re: Singing the praises of BelaDMedia

    I can only agree! Great guys, great libs!
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    Re: Singing the praises of BelaDMedia

    Just want to say, I have been dealing with Francis over the last couple of days and I just wish other companies would take his lead, not only are Bela D great products but their service is absolutely fantastic.He got back to me so quickly and solved my minor issues...thanks Francis. Guys get their products you will not be disappointed. BTW I have no affiliation with them except owning their Anthology series and Vocal software products. Cheers!

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    Re: Singing the praises of BelaDMedia

    I am pretty impressed how fast they got back to me via e-mail........even on a weekend. Guys, enjoy your weekends..... and quit helping me.
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