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Topic: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

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    Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    So I have two instances of Atmosphere open. One has a midi pattern that is playing bell like gongs and the other, three minutes of ambient playing a single note with automation on the filters, cut-offs, pan etc.

    When I first open the file, both Atmospheres play perfectly well. When the track rewinds to the start to play it again, the Ambient patch refuses to play back, no matter what I seem to do. If I close the song and open it again, the tracks play back perfectly - until it's time to play it again.

    I am using Sonar 7.01 PE on Win XP. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.


    I have the same version/OS as you and have never had a similar problem. Never had a single issue with Atmosphere - with extensive use. The Cakewalk/Sonar forum is definitely the best place to post this question. Could be something to do with your global settings (or anything really) but those guys over there have seen every possible problem and someone will be able to help you.

    It's also extremely active with replies coming many times in a few minutes.

    Best of luck.

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    Okay, I'll try over there.

    Another strange thing is that if I copy the midi file and paste it into a new project using Atmosphere, the same thing happens. Only plays once

    After playing once, if I try to preview the patch in Atmosphere, it doesn't play. Shifting to another patch, previewing and then going back to the original patch resets it and it plays normal again - but only once!
    The midi file affects other Atmosphere patches in the same way.
    Its as if there is someting in the midi file that tells Atmosphere to play once.

    The same midi file plays other synths repeatedly okay, its just Atmosphere that plays only once. Thats why I believe its an Atmosphere issue, not Sonar.

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    I'll take some shots in the dark..........

    Is it possible that when you stop the file some controllers (like volume) are at zero. What happens if you add some controllers to the beginning of the track that would "force" Atmosphere to play back? Also, what measure does your piece start in? Is it possible that you're trying to start in measure 2 and there is essential information in bar 1? Whatever it is, it sounds like something in this area since it occurs when you transfer the data to another file. Good luck getting it nailed down and solved.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    Hmmmm. Strange. But honestly, the consistency of your problem suggests that a simple fix is available. I just don't know what it is!!!

    Definitely go over there.

    (I'll watch for your post as I am curious also )

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    Cracked it Bloody idiot I am - during the playing of the track I am automating all my filters and then right at the end, somehow I manage to switch off both A and B buttons. Thats why it would not play back.

    I noticed by opening another instance of Atmosphere in another track, loading the same patch and then comparing the two Atmosphere settings once the original had played the track. I'll go hang my head in shame for a while. Thanks for your help guys.

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    Re: Strange Atmosphere behaviour in Sonar.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul881 View Post
    Bloody idiot I am

    How dare you infringe upon my territory, Sir!

    It's usually the case. Glad it worked out.

    BTW - don't forget to consult the Cakewalk/Sonar forum in the future. It can be somewhat obnoxious at times (ROCK AND ROLL!!!), but there are a lot of very knowledgeable folks over there also.

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