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Topic: Rhodes??

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    First of all - HELLO!!

    My question is:
    Can any of you recomend me the best rhodes sample discs and where to get it??


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    Re: Rhodes??

    try the rhodes on Xsample Volume 1 (Rhodes, Wurlitzer and E-Bass).
    Demo and information at http://www.xsample.de

    Hope that helps,


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    Re: Rhodes??

    Thanx so much but I already got it

    Any others??

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    Re: Rhodes??

    Are you maybe working with Logic as sequencer? There seems to be a very good plugin that got a raving review in Sound-on-Sound (better than sampler versions).

    I can dig out the issue, if you want me to. The online version is still only available to subscribers (my sub just expired).



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    Re: Rhodes??

    As a sequencer I use the AKAI MPC2000.


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    Re: Rhodes??

    I have the Emagic plugin for Logic Audio - it\'s called EVP88. It\'s a great little plugin with lots of scope for tweaking. My only complaint is that it\'s a little too perfect. Also, unlike most gigasamples, there are no colourful inconsistencies between notes. Apparently, micing up the speaker output can help things dramatically.

    Worras place has a rhodes for sale which sounds fantastic judging by the demos, although you\'re going to have to add vibrato and phasing separately if you go down this route. I believe its pretty cheap too (less than half the cost of the EVP).

    I intend to buy it in the next few weeks.


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    Re: Rhodes??

    \"Rhodes for Giga\" at $59 at www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: Rhodes??

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Gosm:
    Thanx so much but I already got it

    Any others??

    I know of two pretty good ones:

    The Rhodes on Franz\'s VR_Sound Module is not bad at all. It\'s a suitcase, sampled with fast and slow tremolo. Definitely a more gritty sound than most, which is good. The classic Rhodes sound needs some \"cardboard\" to really hit the nail. Fits in very well against a funky rhythm section. The only issue you may have is the \"tremolo polyphony\" effect, but honestly, I\'ve never been bothered by this. I figure if someone has enough time to pick out this anomoly in one of my tunes, there is a lot more wrong with it than the sampled Rhodes.

    Also, there is a Purgatory Creek Fender Rhodes, distributed by Bigga Giggas. This is a Stage 73, sampled in mono direct from the pickup board. As a result it is very \"small\" sounding in a mix, and needs some post processing to dirty it up a bit. However, it\'s got good layers, and it has a lot of potential for processing after the fact that you wouldn\'t have from a mic\'ed amp. Since it\'s mono, you can go hog wild on polyphony, a nice plus. At the highest velocity, each note \"barks\" pretty well. Definitely put an amp simulator on it for some hair, and maybe an exciter.

    Hope that helps. I have never used the X-Sample Rhodes, so I can\'t comment on that.

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    Re: Rhodes??

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Dasher wrote:
    I have the BiggaGiggas Rhodes, and my comment is the samples are superb, but for my taste (and this IS strictly a taste issue) is doesn\'t have enough top end tine and brightness<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Man, that is exactly what I love about the Purgatory Creek (BiggaGiggas) Rhodes. Most of the other Rhodes out there sound too much like DX7s to me (all tine, no body). This baby honks when you dig! I can spend hours just wailing away, and I feel like I\'m 15-years old again jamming in my uncle\'s basement.

    I wrote to Bill Busch (from Purgatory Creek) and here\'s what he had to say:
    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>If you\'ve played the real thing, then mine make sense. If the only thing you\'ve played are digitial recreations, then this is more of a head scratcher.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Dasher, you\'re definitely right about it being a matter of taste. Mine is the taste of the Purgatory Creek Rhodes.


    (no affiliation with Purgatory Creek, etc.)

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    Re: Rhodes??

    KBub, that\'s what makes ball games. There are compositions in my backlog (pre Giga, complete but due for overhaul)where the BG will be perfect, and others that only the MKS-20 will fit, and others where I really need my old Dyno\'ed 73!

    It\'s whatever floats your boat - it\'s YOUR boat!

    Rule 1: Keep the groove.
    Rule 2: When Rule 1 fails, make your own groove!


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