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Topic: Jazz & Bigband Orchestrations

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    Jazz & Bigband Orchestrations


    I would like to invite all to listen and comment on these arrangements. I have been working on Prof Israels' course and the arrangements for Jazz Quartet is the result. See the notes in my blog.

    See: http://www.myspace.com/anthonyjcostandius


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    Re: Jazz & Bigband Orchestrations

    Hello, Mr. Costandius...

    I've always found jazz music to be thrilling and endlessly interesting in all of its forms, but I waited until I was in my fifties to begin studying music composition, so I can't comment on your arrangements in terms of jazz music theory. I will also stay away from commenting on the way you realized your sounds using a virtual instrument. Personally, I find it utterly frustrating, exhausting and a drain on my musical creativity to attempt to manipulate velocity layers, "envelopes", EQ's, keyswitches, modulation wheels and all the other mechanical techniques that must be mastered to wring realistic sounds out of virtual instruments, although I do try to in some degree to get my money's worth out of the three or four sample libraries I've purchased. I'm getting better at it, but very s-l-o-w-l-y. For now, I'd much rather concentrate on the art of melody and rhythm in the belief that we respond to music first and most profoundly deep within our hearts. The acoustic refinements came come later, for me at least.

    So, I would respond to your music as I heard it and perceived it emotionally. I'm listening to it as I write this reply, and the most spontaneous impressions I have of your compositions would conjure up words such as "wistful", "noir"-ish, and nostalgic. They have the soul-feel of what I have heard described here in America as "night jazz". They are bluesy in a way that's tinged with sadness, especially the "Mr. Bigband No. 3" piece. I found myself tapping my foot to the solid, swinging time of the rhythm section of "Mr. Big Band No. 2" and enjoyed listening to the cool tones of its trombone harmonies. I like the changing form (?) and tempos of "Mr. Big Band No. 1". It starts out with the sentimental and elegant, floating swing of a New Year's Eve ballroom band (complete with a glitterball and New Year's Eve confetti!), but then you segue into these brief flourishes of musical color (such as that ruefully sweet guitar and piano interlude), that have all the delicacy of quiet ballet music, but filtered through a prism of jazz.

    All in all, I feel that your music is quite eclectic in form and evocative in its moods. I’m glad you posted them, mostly because my primary interest in learning how to use virtual instruments is for the purpose of creating jazz music, and so far I have not found much of it on The Northern Sounds forums.


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