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Topic: Tascam uses vrsound demo at NAMM

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    Tascam uses vrsound demo at NAMM

    I am proud to report that Dave Casey of Tascam used besides Scarbees Midi Demo of slap bass (which rocks), mostly vrsound GS instruments to demo the capabilities and sound quality of GigaStudio at winter NAMM 2002.
    He used MIDI files performed by Rich Friedmann exclusively for VRSOUND on the main demo station every hour on the hour.

    vrsound instruments used:
    Acoustic Nylon Guitar, solo (a head turner)
    VR Funk Drums (from giga module)
    Piano C7, solo
    Congas (from vrsound percussion)
    Jazz Bass
    Jazz Guitar
    and more..

    Thanks Dave, and thanks everybody at Tascam for so much encouriging enthusiasm for my work!


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    Re: Tascam uses vrsound demo at NAMM

    Well... thanks to dave from me too!



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