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Topic: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

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    Exclamation Problem with Sustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    Hi there,

    i recently bought the advanced version of the library and absolutely love it under Windows. However, I am having some difficulties installing it on my relatively new MacBook Pro (not the newest version).

    We trying to install it on my external eSATA drive (which is attached with a PCIxpress eSATA controller, the sample data copys fine, however, as soon as the software tries to verify it the machine crashed giving me an ugly fatal error so that I am forced to totally restart the computer. I haven't yet tried to install the files locally on the mac partition to see whether the problem is related to the eSATA drive. But I tries several perspectives and they ALL crash the system about mid-way during the initial verification process after the files have been copyed.

    Fortunately, I was able to load the copies on my windows drive (USB) so I could play around a bit. Yet, here I discovered another problem related to the sustain pedal. I am using a Roland FP-4 to control the Steinway. When I lift the sustain pedal again, it seems like the note contineue to sound together with teh release samples for about a second. Could this be related to the reported problem with the proportional pedaling? I am confused. This does not happon on the windows side.

    Any ideas what I can do to solve the issues?

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    Re: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    Hi mirai,

    How is the space on your external drive formatted? I'm going on a limb here, but if it's in NTFS, this might cause issues with the mac install if ARIA tries to write something to it while verifying (perhaps it doesn't actually copy the files). Macs can read to NTFS but won't write to it.

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    Re: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    no, its properly mac formatted. Writing on it is no problem...

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    Thumbs down Re: Problem with Sustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    ok, i narrowed down the problem. The installation went fine using the firewire interface. So the problem seems to be related to the eSATA. I googled a bit and found several other people who are heaving difficulties.

    The one thing that remains is the problem with the sustain release. This seems to be related to the proportional pedaling issue that is known. I really hope they release the new update soon!!!!!!!!!!

    I love this piano but right now it is barely usable for me as I can't use my windows machine all the time. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!

    One other thing I notice relates to the Sostenuto-pedal. When clicking it on the screen it hold the keys I pressed, however, when I continue playing other notes the new ones are missing the release samples and sound totally dry?!...

    Looks like the Mac-Version of this fine instrument is full of holes

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    Re: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    Hello Mirai,

    Just to let you rest at ease, I am using the Pro version on a Mac Pro and a five year old Windows XP machine without these issues.

    I know very little about the stuff that goes on "under the hood" of computers, but I do know that many problems are caused when a hard drive is partitioned. I will never partition a hard drive.

    I just want to let you know that there is something up with your installation.

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    Re: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    i am new to garritan and plug ins. my digital experience is currently via a yamaha cvp-305, and the few-days-ago purchase of the basic steinway.
    i too experience the sustain ring over, which support's tony monahan says is being worked on feverishly. i plan to get the pro version as soon as it becomes available directly from garritan, because it can only get better compared to what i have.


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    Re: Problem with Stustain Releases and Install on a Mac

    I suspect the issue you ran into with sustain-ring over is fixed in the 1.03 update which is going to be released very very soon. Sustain ring-over was one of the things we fixed so odds are that was the same problem you had.

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