Hello and a Happy New Year to all:

I am trying to better learn the finer points of Symphonic Orchestra. I have no intention of "upgrading" to the PLAY version, as I am happy with K3 and its versatility. But I am running into a problem in trying to make "custom cross-fades." I quote below from the manual (actually for Kompakt, but I was told things work pretty much the same as for K3):

"It is possible to take any two articulation files and cross-fade
between them. The most obvious use is to take two similar articulations
from the same instrument (Expressive vibrato and Legato
vibrato for 18 Violins, for example), though any two files can be
used. You might find a reason to fade smoothly between Legato
Flute and Legato Oboe, using the Mod Wheel to make the phrase
sometimes more like a flute and sometime more like an oboe.
Anything is possible.

To accomplish this trick, load the two articulation
files into the same instance of Kompakt, and set
them to the same MIDI channel. You
can use any available channel from 1 to 8.
Next, with one of the instruments selected,
open the Pitchbend and Mod Wheel Options Dialog
by clicking on the title “PITCH MOD” directly
above the two wheels.
In the middle of the dialog box is a slider control. And below that
is a wide “Mod Destination” button. If the button is not already
set to Volume, click on it and choose “Vol” from the drop-down
menu. Then slide the thumb of the slider control to the left, down
to “-100%” in the box on the right.
Then select the other instrument in this
cross fade, and set its Mod Wheel control all
the way to the right, to “100%.” Now you
have one instrument whose volume goes
from 0% up to 100% as the mod wheel is pushed up, and another
instrument on the same channel whose volume goes from 100%
down to 0% as the wheel is pushed up. That is, although the overall
volume might remain about the same, the mix of the two samples
changes gradually from all of one through half-and-half to all
of the other."

I don't find the Pitchbend and Mod Wheel Options Dialog anywhere, either by clicking above the two onscreen wheels or by looking through options etc. in the pulldown menus. Can anyone help me? Is this feature handled differently in K3? Of course, I'm a relative newbie, and I may end up with egg on my face if this is a "duhhh" answer, but I'm willing to suck it up...

Thanks all!