Ok, since I\'ve wanted to do a mockup of a Williams piece since I got all my libraries, I decided to take a few hours today and throw together my version of the ET piece that has been going around. I also just did it by ear, so there may be a few wrong notes.

I don\'t think I got the strings to be quite as agressive as the Hunter/GOS mix in one of the other threads. I just have GOS, so the strings are all from there. The brass is a mixture of Dan Dean, QLB, and the JV 1080. The percussion stinks, because it is all off of my 1080--I am already at max polyphony before adding percussion. I obviously need a 2nd giga machine!

Let me know what you think. For those intersted, this is the part off of track 5 of the original soundtrack release (not the expanded release).