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Topic: Which notation program comes with GPO?

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    Which notation program comes with GPO?

    Which notation program comes with GPO?

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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?

    Finale has a subset of the full GPO.
    Sibelius has Garritan sounds and others included.

    Go to their web sites for more detailed info.
    I use Finale and they work quite well for me.
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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?


    When I bought GPO in 2006, it still came with the notation program Overture. But that's no longer the case. Overture seems to have not kept up very well with the capabilities of Finale and Sibelius, both which Indiana mentioned to you.

    Like all VST instruments and sound libraries, GPO and all the Garritan libraries are intended to be used in combination with whatever sequencer/DAW and/or notation program a buyer uses.

    It's great that the major notation programs, Finale and Sibelius are partnered with Garritan so many of GPO's instruments are available to their users.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?

    I almost agree with RBOWSER, but I am using Overture 4 and it has all capabilities of GPO.
    You could look also for Myriad Harmony Assistant, which is using own Gold Sound Library and GPO. Try before bye.

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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?

    I also use Overutre 4. As far as I know, it is currently the only major notation program that gives one full access and control of all midi data. I know lots of notation users ultimately dump the midi data into a DAW and start mixing, but it's nice to be able to get 95% of the way there within the notation app.

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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?

    Thanks, Darwin and Alex. It's good to hear from Overture user that the program is keeping up better than I thought! To access MIDI data directly and to be able to do a lot with it is a Very big lack in the other notation programs I'm aware of, so that's especially good news. Thanks.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Which notation program comes with GPO?

    Totally agree with the above. Overture really is sweet in that regard. Its ability to draw in MIDI data was always the best thing about it, IMO. Has been from the getgo. I only wish Finale would add even a simple pencil tool in their MIDI tool. That way you could draw in the data. Instead - you have to enter numerical data and it is just a total pain.

    I also wish that Geniesoft had continued its support for a Mac version of Overture 4. But as far as I know, there is no Overture 4 for mac. I am really out of the loop though, has there been a release of Overture 4 for mac?



    Hot dawg! Overture 4 is available for Mac! I just might have to try this out!

    EDIT 2
    Bummer - the demo version of the OSX Overture 4 won't install - says the demo version is expired. I have never installed it, so it cannot be reading from a previous installation. Oh well - upon further examination, it appears that the OSX version of Overture 4 was/is not complete. It still was lacking VST hosting. As well as some other stuff.

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