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Topic: Post Steinway D

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    Post Steinway D


    I just wanted to let you all know that Michiel Post has allowed me to Beta test his piano. Well, I can honestly say that I haven\'t enjoyed playing the piano like this for a long time! The ability to play PPP, and hear real body to the sound is just wonderful, and then you can play FFF and it\'s there as well. It also sounds like your sitting at the piano, which neither the Gigapiano nor the Trachtman do. I have yet to try placing it \'in a mix\' but I\'m amazed how good it sounds solo, with just the \'Piano Hall\' setting on my MPX1.

    There are a few noisy samples which Michiel is obviously fixing before release, but I think you guys are gonna be impressed.

    Regards to all,


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    Re: Post Steinway D

    Is this an update to his Post Pristine Piano or a separate product? Any word on its release date and cost?

    Thanks for the info!

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    Re: Post Steinway D

    This is an entirely new recording and totally beyond comparison with the old PostPristinePiano (that became part of Post Piano Suite vol 1, www.biggagiggas.com). The GRANDIOSO is much larger, has more velocity splits -16- and has many more feature.
    The release date is still sheduled for February. The price will most likely be $295.

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    Re: Post Steinway D

    BTW, tomorrow I\'ll post some new demo material of the new library that was made by some of our beta testers.

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