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Topic: Omnisphere and Atmosphere Libraries

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    Omnisphere and Atmosphere Libraries

    1. I purchased the upgrade version of Ominisphere.
    2. I uninstalled Atmosphere (thinking Atmosphere library was included in Omnisphere upgrade)
    3. Installed Ominisphere. Couldn't find Atmosphere library in browser.
    4. Re-installed Atmosphere on same external drive as Omnisphere. Works fine.
    5. Question: Can I move the Atmosphere data files into the Omnisphere folder someplace (if so, where?) to have it show up in the library browser?
    6. Or, do I now need to re-install Omnisphere, so that it will see Atmosphere and incorporate the Atmosphere library?
    Thank You

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    Re: Omnisphere and Atmosphere Libraries

    you only need to run the updates for Omnisphere. They include the Atmosphere library.
    No need to have Atmosphere installed other than compatibility for older projects.

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    Re: Omnisphere and Atmosphere Libraries

    Did you already install the latest updates of the Omnisphere files from the Spectrasonics website? If I remember correctly, the complete enhanced Atmosphere patches were delivered in an update. They're definitely in Omni.

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