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Topic: What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

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    What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

    This is my arrangement of the song "What Can You Lose?" from the Warren Beatty movie "Dick Tracy." The song was originally written by Stephen Sondheim.


    Originally, the alto sax was to play the entire melody, but then I found that the tenor sax had a closer sound to what I was looking for. The alto sax now only covers a couple of brief higher passages in the melody.

    Most of the instruments are JABB:

    Alto Sax
    Tenor Sax
    Bari Sax
    Trombone 1
    Trombone 2
    Basses (GPO)
    Drum Set (although I only use the Hi-hat)

    I hope you enjoy.

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    Re: What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

    They don't let me out much, so I never saw the movie,
    CoolZidane; but a very nice rendition of this Sondheim

    Well done!


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

    I didn't see the movie either but your arrangement sounds well done.

    I use to read the comic as a kid though.

    It's a nice tune.


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    Re: What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

    This is a cool tune. I had never heard this either. Nice smooth and balanced sound on this. Maybe the instruments could be panned a bit wider? I thought maybe everything was a bit close. I have enjoyed hearing this one, hope to hear more. John

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    Re: What Can You Lose? (From "Dick Tracy")

    HI CoolZidane

    Well I saw "Dick Tracy" - a wonderful comic-strip-inspired movie, and Sondheim's music was one of its best elements. He did a superb job of adding period charm and class to an all-around classy film production.

    Excellent track you produced from this!--I remember the tune, now that you've brought it up in my consciousness again.

    Really good job at getting an intimate sound to your jazz ensemble.

    Applause for you and Sondheim!

    Randy B.

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