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Topic: Voxengo drum track service

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    Voxengo drum track service

    Voxengo (makers of good quality cheap pluggins) are starting up a drumtrack service. i.e. you send them a track, plus a possible rhythm track, and then they will record a live drummer for it and send it back to you.

    At the moment it is in beta and i have been asked if I would like to test it. Thing is I havent got time to do so so i was wandering, is there anyone on this forum who whould like a drumtrack for a song they are working on?

    It costs only $10 to partcipate in the beta (as you are still getting a final product) and will cost at least $100 when it goes gold. So anyone want anything drummed to?

    I really want to hear what they can do, but as I said, havent got the time to do it personally, so I am willing to submit something on behalf of someone else.

    Let me know if anyone is interested.


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    Re: Voxengo drum track service

    I got the same invite and sent in a request. I've not heard back yet. My guess is they sent out hundreds of these emails to fill the 10 spots. It would be great to snag a spot!

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    Re: Voxengo drum track service

    good luck then, let us know if/when hey send it back to you! Did you listen to the demo of the drummer available on the page the link takes you to?

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