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Topic: Tuning the GPO Tubular Bell

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    Tuning the GPO Tubular Bell

    The one instrument I always have trouble incorporating into a project is the Orchestral, the Tubular Bell.

    I'm trying to use it now, but it's been so long - I can't remember what tuning I used in Kontakt.

    I've tried everything from 0.01, both plus and minus, up to .20 cents in either direction, and nothing's sounding right yet. My ears are fatigued now and I doubt more experimenting will yield results.

    Does someone here have a tuning setting they use on a regular basis for this?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Tuning the GPO Tubular Bell

    Hi Randy,

    I've always used them as is, but I've probably not used all the notes, so one or more tubes may sound to be be slightly "off". Physical chime sets are notorious for this. Certain notes may be perceived to be out of tune more than others. Same goes for orchestra bells.

    However, any given note itself is often characterized as "out of tune" by those with sensitive hearing and a refined sense of pitch. That's because the physics of a struck, suspended metal rod or tube creates overtones, sometimes with very prominent energy, that are outside the "normal" overtone series, i.e., the resonating metal tube actually sounds out of tune with itself. Yet, this is exactly what gives the chimes their particular color.

    So, rest your ears and perhaps bring the chimes down in the mix?

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    Re: Tuning the GPO Tubular Bell

    Thanks for the reply, Darwin

    Yes, you are certainly right that all these metal percussion instruments are a garrulous lot, not ever really in what we consider "tune."

    I just remember having found a fine tuning which improved the Tube sample as it comes in GPO. Can't find that magic spot again.

    I need them nice and loud in the mix. I'll use an alternate sound if I just can't live with it. Like the Chimes on my old hardware synth always sounded good, could use that.

    Thanks again.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Tuning the GPO Tubular Bell

    The other thing you can do is to EQ Carve the frequencies that give the dissonant overtones using a parametric or paragraphic EQ so you can make the Q really tight if you need.

    Carving gently can help the tone you want to stick out sound musical.

    All the best,

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