Had the extreme pleasure of seeing Oz Noy bring some serious mojo to Greenwich, CT (which it really needs these days) - at, if you can believe it - a free library concert with Will Lee and Anton Fig!

My first exposure to Oz - where have I been???

Being a forty something jazz fusion wannabe - baked in the tradition of RTF, Dregs, Ponty, Lorber, Beck/Hammer, Metheny - this was pure heaven!

While Oz may not be the most "live" of players - his smooth, seemingly effortless and flawless virtuosity (and use of toys/technology) to create a "wall of sound" was awesome to see live - song composition was fantastic. He is a funny, humble and engaging individual when making his incidental remarks.

Lee brought his incredible "late night" energy to the show - I have his and many other sample libraries. . while they are great and bring incredible opportunity to the home/hobbyist musician, it just ain't the same as live jamming in the basement of the college dorm (boy I miss it).

Fig rocked it. Letterman would be well served to call in sick one day and just let his team fill the hour with an all out Jam.

Just wanted to share the energy. . .still can't stop the feet from driving a shuffle while responding to daily e-mails.