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Topic: Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

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    Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

    Just purchased Garritan Jazz and Big Band. I want to use it with some existing songs but the MIDI events do not correspond. I am using Sonar 7 PE. The existing song uses cc7 for Volume/Expression and Garritan uses the Modulation Wheel (cc1). The existing song uses Modulation Wheel (cc1) for Modulation, Garritan uses Aftertouch for Modulation Speed. Garritan also uses cc17 for modulation depth.

    The steps I believe are correct to accomplish the change are:

    1) Change all cc1 to AfterTouch
    2) Change all cc7 to cc1
    3) Insert cc17 as needed.

    Obviously the cc17 inserts can be easily done. I can also change all the cc7's to cc1 using the Interpolate function. I am stumped with how to change the cc1's to AfterTouch, is there a way to make the change with Interpolate or other function, or should I just go through and draw all the AfterTouch events in the Piano Roll View? I would like to automate this process as much as possible to avoid having to do a lot of rework. Thx

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    Re: Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

    If your sequencer can handle MFX plugins, check out my (free!) TenCrazy.com MFX CC Map. It can convert Aftertouch data to a CC (and back).

    - m
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
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    Re: Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

    Thanks for the quick reply, will give that a try.


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    Re: Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

    I would also recommend using Mike's K2 Scripts to help with some of the performance nuances.

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    Re: Editing Existing MIDI's for JABB

    Downloaded the scripts this morning. I have to admit I am not entirely clear of all the capabilities offered with the scripts based on the quick review of the website. I guess the best way to understand it is to set them up and experiment.

    Downloaded the Cakewalk demo's from the forum last night and looked through them, very helpful exercise analyzing how the experts do it. It is really quite amazing how accurate the samples are and the pains that the programmers go through to capture every nuance of a real performance.

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