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Topic: Need Some Help!!!

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    Need Some Help!!!

    I've been taking a break from my cinematic side and getting back to my roots... JAZZ.

    I started writing this the other night, but I'm really hesitant to go any further because I'm not sure how it sounds on decent speakers (I have none). I'm trying to make it sound like it's in a ballroom at one of those fancy functions, so please excuse the reverb for being a tad on the big side - but if you think it muddies up the sound too much then please tell me. Is it too high, low, quiet, muddy???

    I also wanted to know if anyone out there wanted to put a nice piano solo (or anything else) on it when it was done? It's a really simple progression:

    I #11, ii halfDim 7, then a side step ii 7 - V Mm9, I M7 add 6(13).

    That's the A section, and I'm yet to write the B. It's just going to go AABA I think.

    anyway, here is the start of my Romantic Night.
    -Keith Fuller

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    To my ear, maybe just a little less tail on the reverb -- it's close,
    though, to me, to that sound you're trying to get.

    I think maybe you want to listen more to instrument balance, as
    well. The bass seems hot; the violin upstairs too far down in the
    mix. When the bass is ringing and hot like that -- that, too can
    injure clarity; so you might want to damp the reverb more on the
    lower frequencies... which has the effect of letting the upper
    voices come through more.

    Mixing without decent "ears" (speakers and/or headphones) is tough,
    if not impossible, Keith; but you're getting a pretty nice sound, here.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    I can't believe I'm saying this but.....I would knock the bass down some. For this kind of song it is a little heavy to my (I LOVE LOTS OF BASS) ears.
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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    I honestly think it is wonderful! I'm not sure if you have made changes since the last 2 posts but I think you have achieved that "fancy function formal" feel, just fine. The chord progressions and piano melody are beautiful! Great job so far. Keep up the good work and post more when you can.

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    This has a great vibe to it; I'm yanking on my bowtie right now. Seriously, this has exactly the feel you were going for.

    If it were my mix, I would dry out the violin and bass to bring them up front more. Come to think of it, I would probably dry out the whole rhythm section quite a bit and leave most of that verb on the orch. That might give it more depth of field. You also might try sending all the reverb by itself to another bus, and delay it a little if you can (10-20ms) to separate it from the dry tracks. That piano is really nice and warm. Is that the GPO Steinway? Nice track. Looking forward to the final version.

    -- TC

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    What?? That's all there is? Gosh darn it! I look forward to hearing the rest of it! Sounds really really good! I love the sound of the drums, I must say. So authentic.

    Sorry I can't help with technical side. I'm no expert. But I think it sounds great as it is.


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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    Keith -

    First, I want to say that you have the beginnings of a beautiful sounding jazz composition. I am looking forward to hearing this piece once you have fully completed it in writing, recording and mixing.

    As for the technical aspect of it, I think the previous suggestions are right on. The bass can be lowered a bit, the beginning violin mixed hotter in the mix and maybe a bit less reverb.

    Anyway. . . have fun with working on the rest of your composition!

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    NICE, Keith! I get that swanky ballroom feel from it definitely. Some of the suggestions here if followed too literally would start erasing the ambience you're intending. It just always gets tricky when we want to use reverb this heavily. But so far, great with the tune--Hope you finish it!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Need Some Help!!!

    It sounds like a pretty classy tune so far. I agree about the technical aspects in the previous comments.

    Your headed in the right direction on this one.


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