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Topic: Realitone at NAMM 2009

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    Realitone at NAMM 2009

    We will be in Hall A, booth 6525. Stop on by and say hello!

    I'll be showing the Realivox Vocal library, which I swear is close to release! (It's been an eventful year with other things, so I'm a teensy bit behind schedule. )

    In a nutshell, Realivox (Realitone is the company, Realivox is this particular library) is a collection of multisampled solo vocalists of various types (11 different singers.) Each playable doing 23 different articulations (ooo, ah, shoo, bop, ba, dee, etc.) selectable by keyswitches. And all done with sampled legato (VSL style legato.) It's pretty cool, if I do say so myself. (And when have I ever been hesitant to say so myself! )

    In other earthshattering news, we finally secured the .com address for the website. So now we can be found at either www.realitone.com or the old address of www.realitone.net See how easy we make things for you?

    We should have some demos up in a few weeks, but for now, if you're at NAMM, stop on by!

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    Re: Realitone at NAMM 2009

    Mike, we've spoken in the past, and I'm excited to hear that the library is getting closer! I'll be at NAMM and have added your booth to my list! So I look forward to meeting you!


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    Smile Re: Realitone at NAMM 2009

    Hi Mike.
    Finally! I thought you lost the way to the heaven.Really great news I was waiting for this library for long time even with no response for my emails!..I am glad that you are fine.


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    Re: Realitone at NAMM 2009

    What's going to cost?

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    Re: Realitone at NAMM 2009

    Brent, I look forward to seeing you!

    Shakuman, you're right about my bad email response time. This last month has been nuts, but I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. But I am finding my way, once again!

    ejr, what's it going to cost? The real question should be "What would it cost NOT to have it?" Just kidding. To be honest, we still haven't settled on pricing. But that will be solidified within a month or two.

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    Re: Realitone at NAMM 2009

    H Mike,

    A library that I have been anticipating. Wish I could swing down to the show but work calls. Looking forward to your demos and release.

    All the best,

    Rob Elliott Music

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