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Topic: Expectations for spectrasonics at NAMM

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    Expectations for spectrasonics at NAMM

    Mine are:

    I think an update to omnisphere is a given, at least including more patches, a complete manual maybe some bug fixes etc.

    I would be very disappointed if rmx isn't updated to at least the gui of omnisphere with right click capability at the least.

    Trilogy successor is at least announced with a short or immediate ship date.

    Of course I wish there was something new that will once again blow us away.
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    Re: Expectations for spectrasonics at NAMM

    I'm guessing a very minor update to omnisphere. (patches, maybe some extra sample data) MAybe an expansion pack for Omnisphere? Like Heart of Asia or Heart of Africa? Trilogy's successor will be announced but we won't see it for quite a while. Stylus RMX upgrade will be announced and we won't see it for a while either. I think Eric and the team have just come off a wordwind ride with developing Steam and Omnisphere. Now that they have their own engine, hopefully, we will see new instruments and updtaes at a faster pace than before.

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    Re: Expectations for spectrasonics at NAMM

    Quote Originally Posted by dpasdernick View Post
    like... Heart of africa?
    yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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