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Topic: Share a Session?

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    Question Share a Session?

    Hi All,

    I am getting my feet wet with GPO. Very nice product. Hopefully this is not too bizarre a request...would any Pro tools users be willing to share a GPO Pro Tools 7.1.1 based session for me to examine?

    I am running Pro Tools 7.1.1 on an Intel Mac.

    I ask because as I automate the Mod wheel in the session there does not appear to be much change in the instrument expression etc.

    If I could examine someones work it would help me get over such a basic thing.

    I have tried automating the mod action, as well, as cc01.



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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hi, Rick - Before you get too excited, I'm not a Pro Tools user. But I'm sure there are PT users here on the Forum, and that it's very likely somebody will help you out as per your request.

    Something basic is being done incorrectly, I'm sure.

    In your post, I'm confused because first you said you automate Mod Wheel but don't hear any change in the instrument playback. Then you ended the post saying you Also have automated the Mod Wheel---Just repeating yourself, or were you meaning to describe a different approach? CC1 is correct though--that's the standard controller for a Mod Wheel to generate.

    All I can say is that you Definitely need to record CC1 data as part of your project - that's basically the volume control for these instruments. It shouldn't be just a subtle change--it should give you the full range of volume.

    Somehow your data isn't getting sent to the instruments--I hope a PT user finds your thread and steers you right.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hi Randy,

    What I poorly tried to convey was, I tried 2 approaches to automate. I used the mod controller item in the PT display to automate and I also went into the plugin and added CC01 as an automate parameter and tried that as well.

    Thanks for the comments, I agree, I am missing something easy.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hello again, Rick

    Sounds like you're not using a MIDI keyboard? A keyboard makes it a totally straight-forward process. Push record, and the program will record notes, wheel, pedal, whatever else you're doing. And there's always the option of layering in data after playing just the notes, if that's more practical.

    But even without a keyboard, it shouldn't be too much of a mystery. My reference point is Sonar. Like all DAWs I'm aware of, the main work area is the "Piano Roll View." Right there all the data of a project can be drawn in by hand, tweaked, erased, re-done etc. It's not a matter of trying to set up various automation paramaters - there in the MIDI editing window, the Piano Roll View, all MIDI data is available for adding or editing.

    Still hoping a PT user or two will point to exactly where in that program you should be working.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Share a Session?

    I have a midi keyboard, a Roland MP-60 (88 key piano), but is has no mod wheel

    thanks again,


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    Re: Share a Session?

    Quote Originally Posted by AudioUnity View Post
    I have a midi keyboard, a Roland MP-60 (88 key piano), but is has no mod wheel
    Argh! I don't understand why companies keep making MIDI keyboards without the basics on them. But it happens all the time. They figure a keyboard like the one you have is for just playing piano on stage, but with a few doo-dads on it, it would be a real MIDI controller. Oh well! You could get a MIDI control surface to make up for the lack of controls.


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    Re: Share a Session?


    I use PT occasionally, but I'm not aware of automating CC controls. I've always used the piano roll view, and edited the midi data using the pencil and other tools. Just drawing the mod wheel data in.

    The only thing I've ever automated is the mixing sliders. Maybe what you're seeking is possible, if so I'd like to learn it too.


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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hi Jeff,

    Just in case you were not aware, when you have a plugin window open you can select the auto button. This will list all the parameters that can be automated for a given plugin. Select the parameters of interest and save then the track edit view with that plugin on it will have those options available as automate-able parameters using the pencil tool as you suggest.

    I selected CC01 as an alternative to the mod manipulation for GPO using the method described above.

    I hope what I mentioned is clear, it is a very powerful feature.



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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hello again, Rick

    What you described is definitely the way to cleverly control various plugins, but--

    "...I selected CC01 as an alternative to the mod manipulation for GPO using the method described above..."

    I thought was exactly the method that Didn't work for you in trying to control GPOs volume?

    What Jeff said in his reply was very helpful, because he was describing that Pro Tools works exactly as Sonar does--You want the Piano Roll View for drawing in your "mod wheel" data precisely as you want it. There's no nodes to add and lines to pull, you just draw.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Share a Session?

    Hey Randy,

    I agree with you on the piano roll method. This was my initial approach using the mod option and drawing away with vigor and zest. I didn't hear much in the difference! I then went with the second option of trying the CC01 value, thinking it needed the MIDI controller codes called out.

    I need to put on my thinking cap and look at this again, maybe I am being a bit brain dead here.



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