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Topic: output error

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    output error

    Apologies if this is a stupid newbie question but i am having trouble loading some instruments. The intruments in question are the multi's.
    I get a error message stating that 'the outputs configured in the loaded Multi differ from the current output configuration'
    Is it to do with my sound card or something else

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    Re: output error

    Look in the 'Outputs' section of your Kontakt interface. Here you will find configurable 'mixer' style channels.

    So what I'm led to believe is that the Multi programs were saved with a different number of outputs/channels. If this is the case, I imagine it's possible that you might not be able to hear all the instruments without reconfiguring. Or for all I know, does Kontakt simply *not* load the Multi at *all* when it gets this error?

    - m
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