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Topic: VMK176 or 188 plus owners

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    VMK176 or 188 plus owners

    Can anyone weigh in on how they like this series who has had theirs for a while? It seems like the 176 would be perfect for me but the local Guitar Center doesn't have one for me to try. Really I just need decent action, pitch/mod wheel, and some sliders/faders for controls in the home studio.

    thanks in advance


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    Re: VMK176 or 188 plus owners


    I don't have one of the VMK's, but I'm chiming in because it's been about a week and you've had no responses. These are hard to find keyboards, at least in my area, and the dealers want you to order them sight unseen. Yeah, right!

    I thought about the VMK's myself, but decided not to go for one. They are reputed to have a very good keyboard action, but I have my doubts about the software- which has been flaky on a few of the Fatar's I've owned. It's an Italian company with distributors in the USA and probably other places as well. When I had my problems, the local distributor wasn't easy to contact, and when I finally reached him, he didn't have any answers for me.

    I've got an M-Audio Keystation 88 Pro and it's the other way around- the hardware is poor, and the software is excellent. Even so, I needed help setting it up with my sequencer- and I got it from a very active online forum/community. I don't believe you'd get that kind of support from Studiologic/Fatar if that matters to you.

    So, I'd want to test one out thoroughly, 'kick the wheels' etc, before buying. Just my two cents.

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    Re: VMK176 or 188 plus owners

    you might want to ask on the keyboard corner forum

    I remember there were people who were in love with the vmk series over there.

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