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Topic: GPO/KontackPlayer2 Plugin Question

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    GPO/KontackPlayer2 Plugin Info

    Hello to All,

    I'm fairly new to GPO but have managed to get the standalone version of NI/Kontactplayer2 running and interfaced to a midi keyboard satisfactorily. Getting the VST Plugin to work with Sonar had me stumpted initially due to not being able to locate the example midi file described below. Fortunately, I was later able to find the file with the help from the Garritan people.

    Paul Giangregoria has created a very useful forum tutorial on using GPO Plugins with Sonar that uses the GPO-tutorial.mid file. The file can be downloaded from http://www.garritan.com/tutorial/GPO...utorial_files/. Hope this helps.

    Bill Bunn
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