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Topic: My Day at NAMM

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    My Day at NAMM

    I only had 3 hours to run around and meet people because I missed my first flight into SNA.

    Anyhow, I got to meet a few of the guys that hang out here and that was the main reason I went out. I just wish I had more time to sit and talk to everyone, as well as meet everyone.

    I got to scream at BT while he was doing a demo of his new libraries at East West. I really dig the sound of those libraries.

    I met up with Nick Pheonix, Didn\'t get to talk to him that much. He\'s a cool guy. Pretty laid back, like I thought he would be. Talked abit about VotA, things look cool with that

    Got to meet Gary and Tom finally, and a couple of the beta guys. PatS and Haydn. Everyone in that camp was great.

    Dave Govet showed me a bit of the new tutorial CD. FREAKING AWESOME! definitely what people want to see and his hair is longer Another great guy

    Met Donnie, now this guy.... hehheh. No seriously he\'s also a great guy. I picked up LOP and am off to play with it soon. I wish I had more time to talk with the guy, I was in a rush when I finally got to meet him. POssibly next time.

    I didn\'t get to meet up with Dan Dean, he was walking the floor. Bummer was interested in hearing the orchestral test instruments.

    Also got to meet Allen from the Tascam Site and Bert (one of the original Nemesys guys)from both here and Tascam.

    Ramblings of things to check out I heard about but didn\'t see/hear are, A string library from Sonic Implants (not cheap from what I heard as well), Miroslav Choir, supposed to be pretty nice...

    Saw a bunch of celebrities, but thats not new for LA area conventions.

    I guess the highlight for me has to be screaming out to BT. I mean the guys are great, but I got to be a real Idiot and loud for no reason

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: My Day at NAMM

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I wish I could be there... Too bad you didn\'t get to see the new Dan Dean Orchestra library. That one sounds _VERY_ interesting. Miroslav Choir! Sounds interesting as well! I guess we have a lot to look forward to in 2002!

    Thanks for the cool summary!

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    Re: My Day at NAMM

    I, too, had a great time at NAMM but refrained from screaming at BT (I\'m too old for that crap and need to save my voice for my 5-year-old son when he attempts to rollerblade down our neighbor\'s steep driveway). I spent the first 45 minutes zig zagging from Hall E to Hall A, wearing a stupid grin on my face. I tried to purchase a couple of orchestral scores (Boosey & Hawkes anthologies of Copland\'s and Bernstein\'s works), as well as Corigliano\'s Red Violin Caprices, but, alas, they were only for display.

    I finally met up with Gary, Tom, their wives, Dave, Garth, and others at the shared GOS/Chicken Systems booth. What charming and friendly people! (It just occurred to me: I didn\'t each lunch. I had a bottle of water at the GOS/Chicken Systems press conference, and that was it until dinner with Gary et al. BTW, thanks, Gary, for the dinner.) I had a great time talking with Jim (Haydn), Reinhold, and Ashif (KingIdiot), who doesn\'t require a spell checker when you talk to him in person. Great people!!!

    I walked around some more, wishing I had a truck load of money so I could buy just about everything I saw (the technolust was getting stronger every step I took). Did I mention that the place is essentially a Guitar Center having gone super nova?

    I was able to satisfy my techno cravings with the purchase of LOP--a marvelous library, BTW. I had a nice chat with Donnie. He\'s bright, a straight shooter, and, of course, a fine musician.

    Speaking of fine musicians, you should hear Dave Govett play the GOS Sul Tasto (Sautille) patch with the manual alternating bow stroke: I swear I could hear the bow bounce off the strings. His tutorial, which looks fantastic, will be a God send.

    Well, I\'m pooped and need to go to bed. I may add more to this . . . or not. BTW, check out Gary Garritan\'s NAMM report at http://www.northernsounds.com/ubb/NonCGI/Forum18/HTML/000124.html.


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    Re: My Day at NAMM

    I too had a great time at NAMM. I\'ve been wanting to go to this show for about 20 years!

    Pat, I tried purchasing those same Boosey & Hawkes scores! Time to check the internet for those.

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