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Topic: Just starting out with GPO

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    Just starting out with GPO

    Hi! New gal here. I've used GPO for a week or so and have had success with the Steinway piano sample. Until tonight. It's all staticky until I bounce it to audio. And it doesn't seem to want to play unless I select 2 or 3 instances of the piano sample.

    AND the violin sounds like it's got a strong attack on each note, even though I didn't do anything unusual with cc 11 or anything.

    AND the cello will play wrong notes now and then. Those particular notes are correct (I can click them with the mouse and they're right), but every other time they play a half step too low.

    Sorry for all the issues in one post, but it seems like the problems are all related to this one project. (although it IS the first time I've tried the strings.)

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    Hi Janet!

    My first suggestion would be to reboot.

    Next, if that doesn't work, what is your setup?
    Meaning, what operating system, software, soundcard, etc., are you using?

    For me, I use Logic Pro 8 on an Intel MacMini. My interface is an Apogee Duet.
    Sometimes, I need to reboot because I've made things work too hard.

    All the best,

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    Thank you! It was too late last night to try that, but I booted it up this morning and the piano sounds fine. The violin and cello still have issues.

    I'm running Sonar 8 Studio on Vista, 4 gigs RAM, 3.1 GHz cpu

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    For the piano "static", you may need to change settings to adjust your sound card "latency". Any time your PC is under CPU strain, it may night have the power to compute the correct sounds in time to send to the audio card in real time, so you have to tell it to prepare bigger buffers ahead of time.

    For the standalone Steinway app (I'm assuming you're referring to the ARIA player?), try increasing the setting in "Tools|Preferences|Buffer Size" to be higher. If you're running it as a plugin (or are referring to the GPO Steinway), then you'll need to adjust this setting in the host.

    Also note that running the Steinway (ARIA) standalone and a host side by side may cause "static".

    For the violin, the attack is controlled by key velocity, while the overall volume is controlled by the Mod Wheel (cc#1). Try changing these.

    The cello problem certainly seems an odd one. When you hear a bad pitch, try to mess you your Pitch Bend wheel to see if it's actually creating the pitch issue. Otherwise, which cello program are you using? And does it have keyswitches?

    - m
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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    Thanks for your help! I think I've got the latency thing figured out. And it was only using 2-4% cpu, so that completely baffled me. Anyway, it worked as soon as I rebooted this morning. Now it's just full of static again... :-( Must be something else in the project, since I've used it fine a couple other times. I'm using the Steinway that's inc. in GPO with the Kontakt player.

    Yes--you nailed the problem with the violin--I must have moved the velocity slider instead of the volume slider. I wondered why it changed all of a sudden. Can't believe I didn't think of that!

    For the cello--I tried 5-6 patches and they're all doing the same thing. Just now I tried loading up different cello patches and they won't even play, so I'm missing something obvious here. I think I need to spend time reading some tutorials first. Although it would be nice if they would just play when I want to try them out. :-( Anyway, thanks so much for your help! (I'm back to DimPro cello for now--I just want to get the song done!)

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    Hi, Janet - Your problem with the Cello is very mysterious. I'm sorry I can't offer advice on what That's all about. I thought perhaps you accidentally had the Cello track transposed in the Track View, but you said only some notes were playing too low, not all of them. Hummm.

    But I wonder what you meant by this - "...the velocity slider..."

    ?? Velocity is how hard you hit the keys, and is recorded automatically as you play. There's no "slider" that controls it. I use Sonar also - I assume you're using a keyboard since you're using a sequencer. What did you mean?

    Randy B.

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    In my midi track there's a volume control and a velocity control. When I move the velocity control (what I called a slider), then it increases the attack.

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    wow, you were right there! Hi, Janet - thanks for the reply.

    AH! Isn't that interesting. I've used Cakewalk software for years, but never used those controls. The "volume control" is for instruments that respond to cc7, so it doesn't work with Garritan Libraries. Velocity - that must be setting the highest potential velocity. I should go open up Sonar and take a look. But velocity is a constantly changing value, depending on how you play the instrument, and that data is recorded in your track. You can edit it in the Piano Roll view. --That's the important data to work with.

    EDIT: Back again already. Yes, that slider defaults to Zero. I've always left that totally alone, because as I said, the actual velocity of a track is determined by how you play it and/or edit it in the Piano Roll View. This slider must decrease or increase the relative intensity in a global way--I suppose that could be useful at times. Interesting!

    The only other Velocity tool I've used in Sonar is the MIDI effect Velocity tool which can give you instant changes to selected parts of a track--lowering or raising the volume, or making instant crescendos etc.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    Yes, I'm not sure if it was included in SHS6XL--I just upgraded to S8Studio recently. And no, I never mess with it because of the effects it has. But now I know what happens if I do accidentally confuse it with the volume control!

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    Re: Just starting out with GPO

    I can confirm that in SONAR there is a slider for Volume, which sends cc#7 messages, and *also* a slider for Velocity, which is of an *additive* effect. Namely, if you set it to "32", then all the note velocities will be set to +32 more than their recorded value. (You can also use negative values here for softer attacks.)

    - m
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