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Topic: Chording software

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    Chording software

    Okay, this may be a little strange, but what the hey.

    I'm not exceptionally well trained in music theory, though I am working on that, nor am I a pianist. Once I've developed a melody, I have to locate the accompanying chords fairly laboriously. I look at the Circle to find chords that may match, then I play them in my notation software to see how they sound with the melody. Lots of backing and filling going on.

    But I'm a software developer by trade, so I figured this HAS to be a problem that software can handle. And in fact, the recent posting about Songsmith seems to incorporate something along these lines. I'm looking for software that can take a melody line in a midi file and produce chording suggestions based on the Circle of Fifths. Ultimately, I want the choice of what goes, but I'd like to have the program offer chording options and then play them for me. I'm not looking for software to actually do all the work, just one that helps me select appropriate chords to go with my melody. Software, in other words, to help me do what I'm currently doing, but mfaster and more efficiently.

    Anybody know of such software?

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    Re: Chording software

    Try the demo for the newly released Microsoft Songsmith, with Garritan sounds.

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    Re: Chording software

    Band-In-A-Box technology is apparently used in the Microsoft product. See their website for more details.

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    Re: Chording software

    As Markleford mentioned, definitely give Songsmith a try.

    The styles Songsmith uses to play the chords are from Band in a Box, but the algorithms they use to actually come up with the chord progressions are quite unique.

    Only trouble might be that the only form of input they currently allow is microphone, so you wouldn't be able to load in a MIDI, you'd have to play it back out loud through your speakers, or play it on an instrument, or sing it or whistle it if you can produce the right pitches.
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