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Topic: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

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    "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    "The Phantom of the Opera"
    (click Lon Chaney for video)

    This is a double posting, since I put this up earlier today in General Discussion, but I think that thread may be getting buried.

    SO - I wanted to show off my first whirl with scoring to video, and am putting it up here too!

    This is from Wrayer's movie scoring event, in case you haven't kept track. We had this test run with a Lon Chaney "Phantom" clip to see if using video files would be the way to go with the scoring contest Bill started.

    After 4 days work on this--I want it to be seen/heard!

    Over in General Discussion I posted technical details of the process, issues I had etc. One thing for sure, this was really fun to work on.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score


    Wow - that was very cool! I read about your process/work flow, and I have to say how clear and organized it was; it must have been so to get such a polished and effective final product. This was very convincing, and I felt that the music matched the drama. I guess my only quibble has to do with my pre-conceptions: when I see older/classic film footage, my ear expects music from that specific time and genre; so it is a little jarring to hear a more modern film style with an older film. But that's my "stuck-in-the-30s (20s?)" attitude - not a comment on the quality of your work. And that work rates a Bravo!

    Thanks for sharing this.
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    Nice music! I thought it fit wonderfully with the images! I particularly liked the dramatic music right at the end. The whole piece really built up to a great crescendo and then it became a little sad and pensive. Good work! I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try to synchronize something like that.

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    That is down right COOL Randy.
    I would go BAT S*%# CARZY trying to do something like this. You da Man Randy!
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    Hi, Ron--Thanks for the response!

    "...when I see older/classic film footage, my ear expects music from that specific time and genre..."

    Ah ha! And to me, that's exactly why the music Shouldn't be tied to the time and genre of old films--because it's expected, and to only meet an audience's expectations is to fail.

    This topic was talked about in General Discussion when someone said they'd rather not be stuck working with old black and white footage because they didn't care to write music of "that sort." I found that Very interesting, because the poster was assuming that there was a limit to the style of music that would be appropriate for old footage. He seemed to think there was a severe limitation when I feel there shouldn't be any limitation at all.

    I really enjoy silent movies, and tend to agree with people who argue that film was a true and unique art form only in the silent era. As soon as sound was added, then the form became imitative of theatre, and so in the opinion of the people I'm talking about, film stopped being a unique art form. That's a side note, but I mention it because this is one of the reasons I feel silent movies are timeless and Not stuck in time.

    When I watch modern releases of silent movies they invariably have modern scores added to the sound track, and not hokey period music which is tied to the period when the films were made. That reduces the possibilities of both the film and the music to cliches. We have to remember that silent movies weren't considered hokey at all when they were made, and we should allow them to be fresh and new to us today--If we only stick to period music in their sound tracks, that's limiting their power to reach us as modern audience members.

    We see current films set in various periods, various centuries, and sometimes music which is authentically from that period will be used, but usually for the "direct source" sequences - like when we see a string quartet in a ballroom, for instance. But the rest of that modern period film has contemporary music underscoring it--naturally. I think it's the same thing we should be doing with silent films. "Phantom" or any other great silent movie doesn't need to reman stuck in the period it was made. I think the only way to do them justice is to have them underscored with modern music.

    I should add that some big silent movies had orchestral scores written for them, and for instance the one written for "Metropolis," and beautifully restored in the Kino release of the movie, you can hear that it's good music which doesn't sound like what you'd expect--but it's a composition from 1928. So even the music written for movies back then isn't of the style we might think it would be.

    Basically, I feel that the age of a movie should have nothing to do with how we approach scoring it. Think of all footage as Now and Timeless - that gives the film the credit due to it.

    Thanks for the kind words and the interesting observation--you can see it gave me a chance to jump up on a soap box!


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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    DKaplan--Glad you caught this, and thanks for the nice feedback! I saw you just now over at General Discussion on the thread about the up-coming video scoring contest. I hope you Do jump in on that, like you said you might do on your thread here in the Listening Room.

    Check out the "Phantom of the Phorum" thread in General Discussion also. Rob "raweber" posted an immensely helpful tip about how to automate synchronization in Sonar. It would have saved me hours of work if I'd known about that. Don't know if you use Sonar, but if you do, go see what he says on that thread.

    And thanks "Hippie"--glad you like this. Kind of that HUGE sound kind of thing you like, yeah? Bet you could do this without going batty. I had a lot of fun working with video for the first time on this project, and think you would too.

    Randy B.

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    Holy cow, Randy -- what a ride! Great job on this...
    sync-to-action, mood capture-and-follow on each
    scene event, the works... all pro, right on the mark.

    Excellent! Pack up and head for Hollywood.

    My best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score


    This was a Fascinating adventure.

    One thing that I noticed and it maybe just my subconscious working overtime, but half of the music seems to be Hollywood style (of many different eras) and half seems to be straight from Broadway.

    In other words, some of this seems to fit as a motion picture while other parts seem to fit it as a stage play. I like the effect.

    I have already told you, but I will say it again, I believe your music is destined for the big screen.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    Hey!---I left this dangling--Thank You, David, for your rave review! Glad it worked for you.

    Hollywood---I'm there in spirit tonight. "Pope Joan" is opening this very night at The Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood--the show I arranged the music for. Hope they do great business!

    And related to this "Phantom" thread, in General Discussion, the video clip is up for the next round of the Movie Challenge. I have a question which I've posted about the copyright on movies - Perhaps people seeing this reply on my thread could go over there and see what I'm talking about? I don't want Gary's Forum to get in trouble---


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    Re: "Phantom of the Opera" 1 1/2 minute video score

    Well howdy, Ron! You were posting your reply as I was saying thanks to David.

    Destined for the big screen? Nice!--I don't remember you saying that before, but I hear it now, and I like it!

    Also really appreciate the description of how this "Phantom" bit seems a combo of Broadway and Hollywood--very cool, I know what you mean.

    Thanks, pal!


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