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Topic: I JUST DON'T GET IT!! Help!

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    I JUST DON'T GET IT!! Help!

    Well, I'm nearly there but after hours (alas, days and weeks!) of reading manuals, searching the internet and general playing around, I'm stuck...

    I'm sure if someone could just spell out the final steps it would all make sense! Hopefully someone can help!

    All I want to do is use Sibelius with my VSL samples, and when I input an articulation in Sibelius, it plays the corresponding VSL sample.

    At the moment I'm using a combination of Sibelius 5, Kontakt 3 and the first edition of VSL.

    I have created some instrument banks in Kontakt using the 'basic set' samples from VSL. But how do I get Kontakt to automatically recognise the different articulations in Sibelius when I write them (i.e pizz, arco, stac, long notes etc)

    I can switch the samples using 'technique' or 'expression' coding in Sibelius (i.e. writing '~C2' for instance) and this works... but is very time consuming and to tell each instrument how to play each note in my piece would explode my brain I think!

    I have tried using kontact scripts but this is where I get confused...

    The 'matix alternation' tool posted here sounds like what I need:


    But after trying it with my old Kontakt 2, I couldn't seem to even bring up the interface after pasting the .nkb file in my 'preset/performance' folder.

    As you can see I think I am nearly there, but.... I'm not!

    Sorry for the long winded post, but I thought if I give you all the info it might be easier for someone to help...

    Best regards and thank you for any advice,


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    Re: I JUST DON'T GET IT!! Help!

    Thanks Jon for the advice. I'll have a look at the VSL user section and see if I can grab something from there.

    Quote Originally Posted by jjloving View Post
    Alternatively, you should set up a "Manual Sound Set" in which you will tell Sibelius where each articulation is loaded. That's the only way for Sib to switch articulations automatically.
    Setting up a manual sound set is something I would like to at least try though, as I want to have full control over which sample I use. However, I've hit a problem...

    In Kontakt I have already set up many 'instrument banks' for different intruments, i.e. solo violin, and then with up to around x20 samples of solo violin articulations, dynamics etc.

    The problem is...

    In Sibelius, in the Playback Devices window and then Manual Sound Sets tab, I can set (say) an intrument bank as channel 1 - and then to play 'program number' 4 within my instrument bank.

    I can't then specify how to play intrument bank channel 1, program number 5.

    I know Sibelius must be able to do this because the program number drop down menu goes from 0-127, and the number of slots in my intrument bank in Kontakt go from 1-128.

    Any ideas anyone??!!

    Hope this makes sense!


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