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Topic: Orchestral Sketches

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    Orchestral Sketches

    It's been quite a while since I've posted anything in the Listening Room. I've been working on 4 orchestral sketches or maybe I'll call them Essays.

    At any rate, this is No. 2 of the four. I'm still tweaking the orchestration but comments are always welcome. I'm basically done orchestrating Nos. 1 and 3 but I'm working out a couple of minor playback problems. I'll post those in this thread when they're ready. No. 4 still has to be orchestrated.

    Thank you in advanced for listening and again I welcome your comments.

    Sketch No. 1
    (Transposed up 1/2 step per etLux's suggestion)

    Sketch No. 2

    Sketch No. 3 (Tip of the hat to Stravinsky)

    Sketch No. 4

    Steve Winkler

    [Edit]: Finished Sketch #4 and re-recorded all four.

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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    HI, Steve - Great to see you here again posting music.

    Intriguing, this "Sketch No. 2"---I got very caught up in it. Surely you must be getting pretty happy with your orchestration of the piece? I was quite impressed--and the recording itself is sounding pro to me.

    Excellent - and distinctively different without going out so far out on the limb as to become avant garde. Simply well realized music, I admire it.


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    Re: Orchestral Sketches


    Steve, this is superb thinking, throughout... with the
    kind of solid, cogent development that's invariably the
    hallmark of top-notch writing.

    One area I might suggest an experiment... this seems
    voiced just a hair low, to me. For the heck of it, try
    transposing it up a half tone or whole tone -- see if you
    like the result. I might also suggest bringing the strings
    up a little stronger in the mix, and perhaps considering
    fleshing them out just a little in places.

    Impressive work on this, my friend. I am indeed looking
    forward to the remaining essays!

    All my best,

    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    Excellent work Steve. This was engaging and held my interest throughout. I particularly enjoyed the choice of instrumentation at various points to highlight the thematic material.

    David makes an interesting point and a little experimentation might provide a few surprises. Sometimes a semi-tone shift can transform a piece - and sometimes it can be disasterous. If you're using something like Finale, it's only a couple of mouse clicks - followed by an 'undo' if necessary! Watch for instruments going out of range though.

    A great piece. Thanks for sharing.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    Thank you Randy, Dave and Graham.

    I appreciate you're listening and comments.

    David, I will certainly try your suggestions. I'll have to revoice a couple of chords especially for the poor 1st trumpet player in one spot There's another few bars I'm not entirely happy with that I think I can bring some clarity to.

    It's funny how you live with a piece for so long you "sell yourself" on things. If I listen to it in light of the timbre it is a bit low, but without valuable feedback like you guys have provided, one might never hear that aspect. Thank you all again for helping me develop as a composer.

    If you're interested I posted Sketch No. 1.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    No. 1 reminded me of Gustav Holst, with the slow moving progressions.

    No. 2 reminded me a bit of Wendy Carlos in places, especially the dancing high winds and strings interspersed with the brass punching stabs.

    Really enjoyable. Well done!
    Steve A. Gallant


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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    Inspiring work, Steve. I was doing some work at my desk while I was playing them, but the bit around 3:00 in the first piece made me look up. It was like the music had just stood up and was walking across the room.

    Looking forward to hearing the others,


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    Re: Orchestral Sketches


    First let me ssay that this is some impressive composing. To me you have taken many different styles and genres and put them together in a fresh way. I listened to sketch 1 first and was totally surprised when 2 started. Very nice contrast.

    I worked a couple of hours today on one of the pieces I am doing and finally got the one measure right by starting a note on the second beat of an eighth note triple leaving the first beat as a rest. This took me over an hour to finally get right. If anyone else would have heard the original as compared to the final result, they never would have caught it.

    With all of that said....I hear absolutely nothing wrong in sketch 2 as I am sure everyone else would say.

    Nicely done

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    I listened to sketch NO 2 and was impressed with your writing and skill with the media.

    It's modern but quite accessible to the ear. There's a softness and melodic quality to it all, at least for me.


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    Re: Orchestral Sketches

    Not to be selfish or self-promoting, but I've finished the 4th Essay. I've also transposed the 2nd Essay up 1/2 step per etLux's recommendation. It did make a difference in the brightness of the piece I thought so thank you Dave for the suggestion. I did have to re-voice a couple of spots (poor 1st trumpet player).

    The other change I made is that I re-recorded everything. I was inspired by a few recent posts concerning Sonar and mixing and gained a few more tips on how to make the process more successful. It's nowhere near perfect but I am encouraged by the progress and the clarity I think I'll be able to achieve in my renderings once I'm more proficient.

    Having said all of that I would sincerely appreciate comments on the compositional elements as well as rendering.

    I would also be remiss not to thank Steve, Tom, Ron and Phil your time taken for previously listening.

    Thank you,
    Steve Winkler

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