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Topic: switching Macs...

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    switching Macs...

    h'lo all,
    I'm about to make the switchover from Mac G5/Tiger to a MacPro/Leopard. I'm pretty excited, but pretty terrified about what will and what will not make the transfer. I'm looking for thoughts on what I might need to uninstall off the old machine, then reinstall on the new machine. The NI-related stuff is;
    Kontakt 2
    Garritan JABB (Kontakt Player 2)
    Garritan Marching Band (Kontakt Player 2)
    Tapspace Drumline (Kontakt Player 2)
    EW Symphonic Choirs (Kompakt Player)
    NI Service Center

    thanks in advance for any help,

    b myers, composer
    Mac G5 DP 2.3, Os 10.4.11, 4 Gig RAM running DigiPerf 5.13, PTools LE 7.4, Sibelius 5, Finale 2008,
    P4 1.7 Gig, XP SP2, 2 Gig RAM,running GigaStudio 3.2,
    3 x 20" LCDs, 2 x MOTU MTP AVs, Digi 002r
    Kurz K2000r, Roland XV-3080, Emu Pro II, Kurz PC2r, Alesis DM-Pro, Kurz Midiboard

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    Re: switching Macs...

    When possible, use NI Service Center to unregister libraries on your current machine before migrating to a new one! Otherwise, it might report the license as belonging to another machine after the move. (However, I believe even this can be fixed by logging into your account on the NI web site.)

    - m
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
    Markleford's music: http://www.markleford.com/music/

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