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Topic: NAMM 09 - Apple?

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    NAMM 09 - Apple?

    Are Apple at NAMM? Does anyone know if there'll be new version of Logic to compete with all the new features appearing in the competition, e.g. Cubase 5, Live 8 etc etc? Can someone who's at NAMM do some digging about?


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    Re: NAMM 09 - Apple?

    I doubt we'll see anything new until Snow Leopard gets out the door. But, I could be wrong...

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    Re: NAMM 09 - Apple?


    Usually Apple exhibits at the show but this year they were not exhibiting at NAMM. I did meet with some Apple folks who were at the show but did not hear anything about Logic. If I see any Apple people again I will ask.


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    Re: NAMM 09 - Apple?

    Thanks Gary - missed your reply earlier. I've not seen any news on the blogs or forums so I guess all is quiet - probably until Snow Leopard rears it's gaping maw....

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