I few people PM'ed me a while back wanting to know what I thought once I received my new Receptor 2 Pro Max. After 3 days of frustration I have to say that I will be most likely returning it next week.

The only reason I say "most likely" is that the Muse Tech support people are OUTSTANDING. Unfortunately though, I am having problem after problem trying to get my favorite plug-ins to work. It took 3 days to get Kontakt 3 to work, only to find out that I cannot use multiple outputs via uniwire, which was a huge letdown. After 2 days tech support and I cannot get Stylus RMX to run after installation (and that was after many attempts just to get it to install). Ivory does not currently install on Receptor 2. PLAY and Omnisphere.......who know how long these will take.

The sad thing is that the concept of Receptor is very awesome.......if only for the Linux OS. The tech support guys told me that most of their job is just in trying to figure out ways to get plug-ins to install on Receptor. If only there was a uniwire WINDOWS application. If Receptor ran with Windows I would have probably purchased 3 of them, as the uniwire concept is awesome.

Again, kudos to Muse for their excellent tech support- they would be the only reason I would consider keeping the Receptor- in hopes that they can solve the installer problems. I hope they figure everything out because, again, the concept is very cool, but in the real world (at least on my system) it comes up a bit short.