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Topic: Jazz & Big Band setup in ProTools

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    Jazz & Big Band setup in ProTools


    I just got Jazz & Big Band and have attempted to record into ProTools LE 7.4.
    I have placed Jazz&B Band as a plugin on an Instrument Track and can get sound while recording. However, no midi data plays during playback.
    I also have a Yamaha Motif keyboard that I have been trying to have trigger the notes on Jazz & Big Band, with equal failure.
    I have had the Motif record via midi in Protools before, so I think all of the settings are correct on the Motif.

    Basically, I am a Midi idiot (guitar player and drummer)
    Any help with this (posts or tutorials) would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Jazz & Big Band setup in ProTools

    Forgot to mention that my set-up is a MAC 2 x3ghz Dual Core Intel with 5 GB of RAM. I am looking for the highest possible sound quality, so memory and speed are not an issue.

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    Re: Jazz & Big Band setup in ProTools

    First, check and be sure that all your MIDI routing is correct - channels, ports, etc. Second, remember that JABB uses the Mod Wheel for volume so unless you insert a MIDI Mod Wheel command (80-100 is a good range to start from) at the beginning of each track it's possible that you won't hear any sound until you move the wheel manually.

    Edit: I forgot to add that in Sonar I always have to check all the various routing settings. Just adding JABB to the Synth Rack doesn't do it.
    Paul Baker
    Baker's Jazz And More
    Austin, Texas, USA

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    Re: Jazz & Big Band setup in ProTools

    Thanks Paul, I got it up and running. Not sure what I had set-up wrong, but it works.

    Thanks Again

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