I'm having a problem where Finale 2009 apparently isn't properly setting up JABB. Here are my symptoms...

Start up Finale 2009 and start new doc with setup wizard. For Instrument Set choose "Garritan Jazz & Big Band", then "Classic Jazz Drum Kit" from the left list and "03 Classic Jz Drum Kit" from the right list.

Click "Add", then the "Next" button a couple of times, then "Finish" to finish the wizard.

Before the score appears, a dialog box pops up with a Red "X" saying:
File was not found. Please check if Library is installed correctly.

And of course, I get no sound. Now, if I open Midi/Audio->Instrument Setup -> VST Instruments, and open the window for KontaktPlayer 2, no channels are active! However, I can then go through by hand starting with Jass and Big Band KP2, Instruments, and choose Notation->Drums & Percussion->Sticks->Classic Jazz Drum Kit->n-03 Classic Jz Drum Kit... Well, that's not all: a lot of instruments from JABB don't seem to work. Alto Sax 1 KS works fine. Fretless Bass 2 doesn't work.

Hmmm... If I use Finale 2008, the same sequence of actions produced a score that gives me the JABB with the 03 drum kit, and there are no errors. It works perfectly.

Anyone have a clue as to what's wrong?

I have both Finale 2008 and 2009 installed, because I anticipated there would be some problem with something in 2009. So I have my complete 2008 installation intact. I thought I copied the right files into the 2009 folder. I see JABB, Gofriller cello, and the Original GPO sounds, etc. They seem to work, at least what I've tried so far. It's just some of the JABB stuff doesn't work.