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Topic: Frustrating Kontakt Player v2.2.4 updating process.

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    Unhappy Frustrating Kontakt Player v2.2.4 updating process.


    Can anyone enlighten me about this process?

    I tried it two ways.

    1. Logged in at NI's site on the Personal Updates page. After choosing the application in the pulldown, pressed the Send button. All I get is a Kontact presentation page with the list of all of the manufacturers that incorporate it in their software.

    2. Logged in via the Service Center on my computer. All I get is a box with the message "No available updates."

    Is this because Garritan now has ceased to use Kontact? However, the update should be available, shouldn't it?

    ** Another VERY important issue: **

    Some people say v2.2.4 runs on Windows XP 64, some say Kontact does NOT run on any 64 bit platform, period. Which is true?


    Meanwhile, I remain sincerely, John.
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