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Topic: NAMM Day 2 and 3

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    NAMM Day 2 and 3

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm watching the Disnleyland fireworks from my hotel room as I write. It's a nice finale to an exciting day.

    If NAMM attendance numbers are down, you would never know it by how busy our booth has been. It was great to see many of our users and forum members. I have a feeling our membership is going to grow with what we are doing at NAMM.

    Having Microsoft at our booth has been fantastic. Songsmith is quite a hit and people who try it love it. Dan Morris from Microsoft is almost a celebrity having had several million views of his YouTube Songsmith video. Many people recognize him immediately from the video.

    The last couple days I had meetings with Apple, Reaper, Yamaha, Propellerheads, Cakewalk, TEAC, Musitek, Rhodes, MakeMusic, AKAI, Sony Creative, and number of distributors from around the globe. We had meetings with various press people, editors and bloggers. Those are just the scheduled meetings.

    It looks like there are good things coming this year. An important accomplishment of the past year is ARIA coming into the market. Imagine having the very best audio experts at Microsoft, Sony, etc. put an engine through its paces and test it on hundreds of machine and provide feedback? Better these fine companies thoughtly test than our customers! I believe we have the best sample engine as a result our partnerships.

    Running GPO ARIA on a netbook has been a real headturner. Its very cool having 20 GPO instruments run in Cubase LE on a netbook. And GPO ARIA sounds terrific especially with the new SAM Brass. And people are just loving the Steinway Basic. I believe this $99 library is going to set a new standard. Next week we're off to record a different model with Steinway & Sons.

    Now for the weeks and months ahead we are going to give you content. World Instruments, GOS2 and other libraries will be next, followed by other libraries.

    We are laying the groundwork for the next generation of sampling with new partnerships and new innovations. Some of the meetings we had at NAMM will bear fruit in the coming year. I think you're going to like what is coming.

    We did get to catch some of the All-Star Guitar Night concert. Performances by Tommy Emmanuel, Seymore Duncan, Jay Roberts, Stu Hamm, Will Ray, Trace Bundy, Muriel Anderson, and many excellent guitarists. Some of the best guitar playing I have heard.

    Time to get some shut eye. It's been a long day. Tomorrow is the last day but will be just as busy. All in all, I think this is shaping up to be the next NAMM yet.

    Take care all,


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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    Good post, Gary!

    Thanks for the update.

    Looking for the "Buy Now" button on Garritan.com.


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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    It was great to meet you and play the new instruments, Gary!

    The world instruments are very cool!

    All the best,

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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    Another NAMM, another step closer to Gary conquering the world.

    We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams …
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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    I'm glad your booth at NAMM is such a success this year, Gary, and that NAMM itself is persevering besides tough economic times. I hope to try to make it next year. It's not a long road trip for me from Colorado .

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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3


    Sleep is over-rated... GET THOSE STRINGS OUT.

    just kidding... sort of.


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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    Hi Gary -

    Just to add my congratulations on Garritan's success at the show and all your new product announcements. And also to thank you for taking the time and interest to post in such detail for all forum members who like me could not attend NAMM this year. I like others cannot wait for delivery on your return and am re-assured by the vision shown in developing, positioning and partner testing these new offerings.
    On a different note, I'm glad you enjoyed the guitar night and in particular caught Stu Hamm, who I recall from a bass masterclass during my days at Berklee. His two handed 5 string classical renditions have to be seen to be believed - and even then its hard to believe what you're seeing! Fantastic!

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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3

    Hey Gary, it was nice to see you again at NAMM on Saturday. And thanks to Haydn for demoing the new Aria version of GPO. Looking forward to when it will be available for download.

    All the best,
    Steve Barden
    "So....it's a profit deal!" - Navin R. Johnson

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    Re: NAMM Day 2 and 3


    Great meeting you at NAMM this year.

    The feedback on the ARIA player was very good especially the new brass instruments added to GPO. Many of the users like the clean look of the interface. A couple items were brought up that could help it be even better.


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