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Topic: the ultimate string controller

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    the ultimate string controller

    i didnt know it!


    The K-Bow

    Reliable, practical stage-worthy sensor bows for the string family have not been available to experimenters, composers and performers.

    Now, Kesumo introduces a complete series of bows for violin, viola, cello and bass. The bows capture gestures from real-time performance, and transmit the data to your computer where it can be used to process sound, control an electronic composition, manipulate video, or do anything else you can imagine.

    All of the data from this array of sensors is sent over a standard Bluetooth wireless connection to your computer. This data can be used with the included software to process your instrument sound, or do live looping. The information can also be sent to control any standard music software using MIDI or OSC

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    Re: the ultimate string controller

    Fascinating, Bosone - Almost made me wish I would start taking Violin lessons!

    The site has several demos featuring János Négyesy testing the controller out. Very impressive!

    Projected retail cost is between $4,000 and $5,000. Will a string player here on the Forum be picking up the challenge? Maybe so!


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    Re: the ultimate string controller

    They also have a device called StringPort that attaches to the instrument and does DSP to ascertain performance data. These would be great with GOS 2.

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