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Topic: music in earch of a genre

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    music in earch of a genre

    Supposedly Mendelssohn said "what a piece of music expresses is not too vague a thought to be put into words, but it is too precise a thought..."

    I'm trying to figure the expressive content of this short piece for harp and oboe. I think it is evocative, but I don't know what it evokes. Some help here would be nice. What sort of mood does it evoke? What genre does this fit?

    Piece for Oboe and Harp

    It's an excerpt from a scaled down version of a chamber piece that I'm working on. I used the harp from Vienna SE and the french oboe from Vienna Woodwinds 1.

    What genre would it fit? Is it fantasy, romance, wonder? Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.



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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    Hi Marko,

    First of all this is a beautiful piece!

    The combination of oboe and harp is lovely.

    For me it felt like there is suspense in the air, an expectancy.

    I could also hear questions asked but no answers given...

    It could fit in any of those categories you mentioned.


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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    I agree with what Sunbird said also. For me too, it evoked a sense of someone contemplating an unresolved tension or issue in their life. I got an image of a guy driving on a highway and thinking about circumstances in his life - something that is bothering him or that he is uncertain of.

    I thought it had an effective ebb and flow in terms of tension. It's not overly dark but has just enough tension and release to to evoke a cross current of emotions - which one would be feeling in that circumstance.

    That's my take on it anyway. Sounded nice - BTW.

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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    Sounds to me like a dream sequence. But it's a pity it's so fast - I can't really appreciate the oboe line since it's moving with such speed.

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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    What in evokes in me is the work of Ravel and his school, if that helps.
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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    Yes, very Ravelian harmonies, moving in Satie-like blocks.
    I hear it as a cross-over between a concert and film aesthetic, like better euro-inspired film composers like Herrmann.
    Good stuff!

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    Re: music in earch of a genre

    Thanks Yudit.

    Thanks Richard400.

    Thanks Derek.

    Thanks Gregory.

    Unresolved tension, dream sequence, perhaps a touch of mystery. That helps. I had a slightly more orchestrated version of this with a small violin section and some basses, but this pared down version seems easier to scrutinize.

    Thanks again.


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