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Topic: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

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    Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    I've had GPO for well over four years and have played around with it fairly regularly throughout this entire time. However, I haven't really taken the time to polish anything of significant length to the point where I felt comfortable posting it.

    So, here's my first attempt at doing that. This piece is a rendition of "The Red Wings" from the 1991 Square video game Final Fantasy IV. The orchestration is, IMO, a fairly straightforward enhancement of the original Super Nintendo version.

    I used Finale 2009b, full GPO, and Ambience reverb. Also, although I don't like the reverb of KP2 on its own, I do use a little bit of it with differing amounts of predelay per section to try to add some depth to the sound, within the limitations of Finale's VST setup.

    Let me know what you think.



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    Re: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    Hi, I'm glad that you have jumped into the water with the rest of us. Great job on this piece. I'm afraid I'm not familiar with the original or the genre at all for that matter. (admission, I have never played a video game)
    IMHO, one aspect to look at is the panning of your instruments. I thought everything a bit tightly grouped, but maybe that's what you wanted.
    No matter, this is really a nice first post. Thanks for sharing, John

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    Re: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    Thanks for posting! I love Nobuo Ueamatsu, I'm a huge fan of his work. Especially the music of FF6 and FF7. About half way at those big hits you could make the percussion louder, something to try anyway. And some of those faster string passages I felt could be louder. Sounding pretty good either way, nice work.


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    Re: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    I have to honest and say that the first time I heard the name Nobuo Ueamatsu, I had no idea who or what he was. I guess that tells you how many games I have played.

    I have however heard a number of his pieces now from guys like you who have reproduced them and cannot find any fault with his music.

    As John said, some Panning might be in order, but otherwise this comes across very well.

    Welcome to the listening room as well.

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    Thanks for the welcomes and feedback. I had spent some time on the balance, but that dissonant 7/4 section is busy; I'll take another look. As for the panning, I just left the instruments at whatever Finale defaulted them to, so I'll also look at that.

    As far as the actual music content goes, I will say that a good part of my childhood spanned the heyday of the Super Nintendo, and a number of my favorite video game soundtracks come from that era (although I have yet to actually finish playing through Final Fantasy VI; I'm working on it). It's a fun endeavor to attempt to re-orchestrate them.


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    Re: Final Fantasy IV: The Red Wings

    That name rings a bell but I'm not a game player now.

    This sounds like a good representation of the game music of the time. I think maybe the music was very important then because the graphics were not as mature as what is out there now.

    It sounds good.


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