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Topic: Optimal system for jabb?

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    Optimal system for jabb?

    I am having problems with JABB and Sonar 7. Like so much of the software I have purchased in my life, it Almost works, some of the time. I am getting a lot of drop outs.(I followed all the Sonar guideance for curing drop outs) I am using ASIO drivers. My interface is the Lexicon Omega. When I check the CPU and RAM meters, The CPU meter sometimes gets up in the red. (60%) but the Disk hardly lights up the meter at all. Also, I have to run the ASIO driver at high latency just to get it to work.

    I am running JABB within Sonar 7 on a HP Laptop. It has an AMD Turion 64X2 processor running at 1.8 Ghz. I am running 32 bit Vista with 1.5gb of RAM. It has a 150 Gb hard disk that is about half full. At the moment, all the software and the samples are on the same disk.

    I am working on full big band pieces using the notation samples since I am importing the files from Finale.

    Where is the weak link in this chain? I am determined to make this work.

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    Re: Optimal system for jabb?

    It sounds like your CPU is underpowered for the library. You may want to try some of the lite versions of the sounds as the full ones use more CPU.

    Also, try disabling multi-processor support in Sonar. That may help with the pops and clicks.


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    Re: Optimal system for jabb?

    Hi, Brian

    Compared to modern 'puter specs, your machine is a bit under-powered.

    But I'm confused about what you're actually doing. You mentioned following Sonar's guidance for dealing with drop outs, but ended up saying you're using Finale ---?

    I ran Garritan Libraries, JABB included, on a machine with less horse-power than you, and had great success in Sonar. If I was mounting up the track count past 10 instruments, I had to routinely bounce tracks to audio in order to continue, but I was still managing to complete projects to my satisfaction.

    But trying to run a ton of instruments in a notation program and expecting stellar results is another question.

    Which is most important to you?--putting together projects in Sonar, or producing sheet music in Finale?

    Randy B.

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