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Topic: Names with blank spaces in Omni...

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    Names with blank spaces in Omni...

    Hello friends...
    My problem: if I want to name a sound with a blank space in it, every time I hit the space bar, there is no blank inserted but instead my sequenzer, Samplitude Pro starts running because "space" is the default transport key for start-stop. What to do? Any other way to define a blank space in written text? Thanks for your answers..

    Sid Francis

    P.S: Wenn du eine Antwort weißt, Hans, ruhig auf deutsch..,-)

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    Re: Names with blank spaces in Omni...

    Use underscore instead.

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    Re: Names with blank spaces in Omni...

    Some hosts have trouble routing keystrokes correctly to the plugins. Logic has that problem too sometimes.
    One trick that works is to have a second plugin open and click on that before typing names etc in the other plug in.
    if that doesnt work-rename the patches in the windows explorer or hope that the host will get a fix in the next update.

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