I'm writing some music to go with a graphic novel. I don't actually know much about it yet, but I've gotten started anyway, I thought I'd post a couple samples of what I've done so far:


Also, an unrelated piece (warning the website makes this come through a bit loud) for another project I'm working on.


and just for fun, I decided to record a very different version of Carry On My Wayward Son, inspired by Battlestar Galactica


I used Peter Siedlaczek's String Essentials for the string sounds and the Kontakt factory library for the horns. The first two that I posted have the VSL Woodwind Ensembles from the Horizon series, which I just bought. The cymbals percussion sound is from the pop kit from the Kontakt library, and I used the Tonehammer epic toms and bamboo shakers in the third piece. The sitar in the last one is from the Sitar Nation library. Everything was done using Kontakt 3.


edit: I forgot to mention the Kirk Hunter solo strings, which I think are great--really, they don't always get enough credit, I think. I made the best use of them in the third piece I posted. The second one uses the violin a little bit, but I never switch articulations, and it doesn't sound its best.