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Topic: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

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    Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    I have installed JABB and put the file .component in the directory, but in my Logic Pro Studio 8.0 JABB doesn't function as an AU plugin. If I try to use the software as a stand-alone everything is perfect.
    What's wrong?
    Thanks for all reply.
    Ciao from Italy

    I have a Macbook with 2.4 Intel Processor and 4 GB Ram, OS X Leopard

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    Re: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    Hi, Paolo

    When you're trying to use JABB, you're inserting the Kontakt Player, right? And then after that you insert JABB into the player? You can't insert JABB directly.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    No, I don't install kontakt player. I use JABB as a stand alone after the installation and it's function. My problem is when I try to use JABB with Logic Pro 8.0. It there isn't in the AU Instruments. Maybe I need to install Kontakt player? If I use as stand alone, I work on a red keyboard on screen and on it there is write Kontakt, maybe is this?
    Thanks so much.

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    Re: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    I try to use kontakt to play the JABB, but if I choose with Kontakt one sound of JABB Library, the program say wich that library is not registered, but my registration is ok, and I can use the library as stand alone with the virtual red keyboard. What's wrong?
    Thanks to all

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    Re: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    OOh no, it's a registration problem. Pabloss, you need to go to the Native Instruments site and call up your user information--Oooh I feel bad about starting to reply to you, because I am pressed for time, and it's a bit difficult to describe what to do. - Go there, look for old posts here which describe the process--there may be a "sticky" post--? But you definitely need to update your JABB registration there at NI.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Garritan JABB e Logic Pro Studio 8.0

    Ok, I'll send a mail to NI. Thank you so much for help.
    Ciao from Italy

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