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Topic: Video Request from Spectrasonics & Hans Scheffler

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    Video Request from Spectrasonics & Hans Scheffler

    I would really like to watch a video of how to use Omnisphere in the context of a project from start to finish.
    An example video:
    1. Let us hear a complete project (30 seconds or so of audio having several channels of Omni sounds). Hans has lots of those.
    2. start a new project in some host.
    3. open up Omni.
    4. choose different patches/multis/soundsources/whatever for the project.
    5. show how you route which patch to which output (A,B,C,...) and explain why.
    6. show how/if you set the volumes in Omni or leave it 0dB and change volumes in the host only.
    7. Show how/why you connect several patches together so that one patch triggers another....I dunno...whatever.
    8. Show how many channels and instances of Omni you open up in the host and why you would do it this way and not some other way.
    12. Voila, here is the complete project we heard at the beginning with all the Omni routings, channels, instances, etc.

    I'm sure this is something that most users of Omni would like to see and learn. Especially those who are at the beginning stages.

    I know I have so many dilemmas when working with Omnisphere: Should I use different output routings or should I open a new Omni instance? How should I set up the volumes - inside Omni or at the host level? Should I open up a new midi channel for each sound I have? etc, etc,...


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    Re: Video Request from Spectrasonics & Hans Scheffler

    thank you for your request but since i am doing these videos soley for my personal enjoyment i have little interest in doing tutorial style videos.
    I leave that to the good people at Spectrasonics since they have much more experience in that field.
    I am sure there are more tutorial videos in the works that show stuff like using seperate outs etc. But it takes time to do these professionally.
    Also-such videos are very much host dependend.
    I am using Logic on a Macpro which is a rather different environment than yours.
    I see your dilemma and i feel your pain.
    If i could make one single suggestion to improve your situation it would be to get a more powerful computer.
    On my system i dont have to waste any time deciding if i better use a new instance of Omni for the next sound or add another part to an existing one.
    I simply go for the next best thing because power is a plenty.
    One more thing- try to find someone who is in the know about these things in your area and have him/her walk you thru the whole process in person. Its still the best way to learn about these things.

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    Re: Video Request from Spectrasonics & Hans Scheffler

    Yes....we are indeed planning to have such "example project tutorial" videos in the future, but those are further down the list of our current priorities.

    They are actually quite difficult to do well because every user works a different way on a different host in a different style.....so there are literally hundreds of different approaches you could present.

    So the best thing is to learn as much as you can from a variety of sources - broaden your knowledge on every level (leaning music composition, arranging/orchestration, synthesis, engineering, production techniques, computers, your specific host, your instruments, etc) and it will make a big difference.

    It's basically impossible to get all that info from a single source.

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